As one app launches to predict queues in supermarkets, another retail app is tackling the Coronavirus by removing queues altogether

Ubamarket app is stopping the spread of Covid-19 in supermarkets with pre-made shopping lists, aisle sat-nav, and till-less checkout 

An app which predicts stock levels and queue lengths in supermarkets has recently gone live, helping people at home to avoid peak times and avoid higher risk hours, when shops would typically be busier.

However, a new mobile app is providing a solution which not only allows you to check stock from home, but eradicates queues altogether. Ubamarket’s “Scan, Pay, Go!” mobile app allows customers to check stock levels in advance of their shop and be guided around the store with an aisle sat-nav, before skipping the queues and tills to pay in-app.

Taken together, the features of the Ubamarket app cuts the amount of time spent in-store for every shopper, and eradicates the need for customers to risk dangerous exposure by using supermarket baskets and trolleys, standing in long queues or using unhygienic self-checkout machines or paying via the tills.

Supermarkets and food shops are amongst some of the only locations in which there are large gatherings of people in a public space, and as a result represent one of the main breeding grounds for Covid-19 in which the virus can be still easily transmitted en-masse.

Will Broome, Founder of Ubamarket, praises the efforts of supermarkets and retailers to increase safety and hygiene in-store, and discusses the app’s role in combatting the spread of Covid-19:

“It’s great to see the implementation of technology to help people protect themselves against the spread of Coronavirus, such as the Supermarket check-in app which can predict peak times at supermarkets, but we cannot stop there. There are much more advanced technologies which could be easily implemented by supermarkets to dramatically reduce the spread of Coronavirus and make the shopping experience much safer and convenient for shoppers across the country.

Ubamarket’s “Scan, Pay, Go!” completely does away with the need for time-consuming queues, unhygienic checkouts, complicated store layouts and confusion about where products are and whether they are in stock – all of these factors are key contributors to the spread of Coronavirus, and by implementing technology such as Ubamarket, we would be able to drastically reduce the likelihood of new infections and cases of Covid-19 coming from supermarkets.

It is my hope that Britain’s retailers act quickly and realise the power of technology in combatting the virus. We are committed to making this technology as easily accessible as possible and are proud to offer a solution which could have a huge impact in the fight against Covid-19”.


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