Christmas is a great time of year for the fun and goodwill it brings. A big part of spreading this goodwill to family and friends is giving them presents. The act of giving not only makes you feel good but also makes the person who is getting the gift feel awesome too. The only thing you may struggle with at times though is what to buy for people!

This needn’t be an issue for any keen woodworkers though. You can use your skills to make some unique and personal gifts which people will treasure. Just remember to have all the materials and woodwork machinery you need in place before you begin. This will allow you to get faster and better-looking results.

But what presents could you make to give out?

Wine rack

If you have a friend or family member who likes their wine, why not make a wooden wine rack for them? This will not only give them somewhere to store their wine but also add extra style to their home. This is also a good project if you are new to woodworking as they can be made fairly easily. 

Wine racks come in many forms so you can simply choose to make one that you feel confident with or will find fun to do. From vertical wooden racks with slots cut out to hold wine to larger box style ones with individual shelves for wine storage, it is up to you. You could even make a simple wall-mounted one from a large piece of wood with brackets fitted to hold the bottles!

Book ends

Another pretty simple yet rewarding to make present are bookends. Like a wine rack, these fill the dual purpose of looking good and also having practical value. If you have an aunt or uncle who loves to read, wooden bookends are the perfect gift. Simple L-shaped bookends can be made with only two pieces of wood for each end. 

Even better, only easy to perform straight cuts are used before joining the pieces together. Once formed into the L-shape, you can age or stain the wood to give it a unique look. Of course, other kinds of bookends could be made from single blocks of wood which can then be decorated how you like.

Bird house

If you fancy having a go at something a bit more advanced, why not try making a wooden bird house? This is a great gift idea for young family members or adults who like nature. If you keep it fairly simple, then it is not too difficult. The key is to measure the different parts to be cut carefully to avoid mistakes and ensure the whole thing fits together well. Another good tip is to screw the roof on rather than nail it – it just makes for easier access at a later date if needed. Once done, you can decorate it how you like and wrap it up for Xmas.

Trinket box

A classic trinket box is another great project to complete and ideal to give as a present over Christmas. You can make it any shape you like but the traditional square shape is the most popular. The great thing about a box like this is that it looks impressive but does not require lots of time. Once the pieces of wood are cut to size, it is as easy as using wood glue to fit them all together. Just remember to make the lid easy to lift off or fit it with hinges so it can be opened!

Spread some Christmas joy this festive season

If you are struggling to think what presents to give this year, why not try some of the above woodworking projects? All are pretty simple to complete with the right tools and shouldn’t take too much time. This means that you will still have chance to get them done and given out in time for Christmas.


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