Do you want to leave your 9-5 job to work at home and pursue a business idea of yours? Have you been freelancing from the confines of your house for a while, and have now decided it was time to start your own business

Starting a business from home can be both exciting and nerve-racking. No matter the circumstance, it is vital to think of all the different phases before making the leap. This includes from the very beginning in the ideation phase, all the way through the financial and legal processes.

Many benefits go along with creating a business from home, starting with the fact it can be very cost-efficient. However, when starting a business from your home, it is important to think of these steps along the way. Doing so will help make any transitions and processes for your at-home business much easier, thus setting yourself up for success in the long run. Here’s how to start a business from home in 2020.

Understanding the Skills You Have

One of the very first steps that you should take is assessing the skill set you have. If you are a creative person, then perhaps you can structure your business around marketing or creative design. If you are very organized and pay close attention to detail, then a business centered around accounting or organization could be right for you. Understanding what your skills are is vital to ensure that you are building the strongest home business possible. 

Coming Up with A Business Idea 

As the year 2020 approaches, you might be thinking about original ideas that will be profitable and give you the flexibility to work from home. You might be concerned that it will be hard to break into certain industries like creating a travel blog, home consulting, or other fields that seem overly saturated. Therefore, you should start thinking of a few ideas that are unique enough to be noticed, but still have enough of a demand to bring you a steady monthly income. 

One such area that offers both of these characteristics, and often not initially thought of, is the gaming industry. Gambling is a popular source of entertainment for many people across the world who want to find a place to play poker, roulette, or slots online. This is an industry that is full of potential when it comes to creating a new business, and one that can tap into a vast pool of money that can be made.

Launch a Casino Affiliate Site

With the popularity of online gaming growing, one business idea that can occur from the comfort of home is launching an online casino affiliate site. However, there are multiple approaches someone could take if they choose to dive into this business. 

One such way is to develop a website that will help connect gamblers online from all over the world. An online public forum, such as the Open Gaming Society, is an excellent resource for online gamblers. It is a perfect example of a website that invites a lot of online traffic thanks to the helpful tips, online casino recommendations, and informational best practices the website provides.

Predicting 2020 Success

Another potential idea tied to the gambling industry would be the business of predicting what the most popular online casino games will be in 2020. At first glance, this concept might not seem like it would be a successful business. However, by only doing a little bit of research about the market place and even what pop culture’s latest trends are, one can develop their own business of predicting online casino games for the coming year and beyond. Not to mention, this type of idea would allow anyone the flexibility of being able to create this type of business from home.

Research Your Competitors

No matter what business and industry you decide to jump into, it is essential that you research who your current and potential competitors could be. Having an understanding of who they are will help you make various strategic decisions, adjust your business model if needed, and influence how you can market yourself differently versus them.

 You should also understand that even if you plan to start this business of yours from home, it may be beneficial to go directly to your competitor’s store or physical location. Doing so, that is, if they have a physical location, will provide a good understanding of what they are doing right, and how you can do it better. 

Testing Your Idea

Once you have come up with your idea, and have done enough research on your competitors, you can start the testing phase. It will be within this step of the planning process that you will get a clear picture of your home-based business structure and what tweaks you need to make. 

Testing your home-based business structure will also shed light on aspects within your business model that, as it may turn out, are better suited at another location rather than from your home, like a storefront or office. Not to mention, testing your idea before marketing it can ultimately help you save money and resources in the long run. 

Understanding Your Profit Angle

Your ability to make a profit should be one of the biggest things on your mind. What some people do is they think of an idea they feel is perfect for the at-home business model, only to find out that once started, they are not making nearly enough money to live off of or are losing money. 

A misconception is that because the business is from your home, there will not be expenses associated with it. A smooth-running website, marketing materials, maybe even physical resources to bring your services together are all aspects that have expenses. Before starting your home business, create a budget that includes these fixed costs so you can have a better understanding. 

That is why having a clear understanding of your profit angle will allow you to shape your business model and help you determine how much you should plan regarding expenses and your cost of living. 

Select a Legal Structure

Just because you are working from the safety and comfort of your home does not mean you shouldn’t consider a legal structure. After all, you are still planning to run a business operation. Therefore, you should ensure that you are protected from any potential legal ramifications that come your way. 

Deciding the right legal approach, you should take will ultimately depend on the business you choose to start and the services you are providing. There are many resources online that will be able to guide you towards the right legal structure for you. 

Having a successful home business is all about your mindset and work ethic. If you are genuinely passionate about the business you are planning to start, then you will help set yourself up for future successes. There are many resources online that can you through every step of the way. It is important to remember that no matter what happens, trust yourself and all the decisions you make. 


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