Boxing requires courage, discipline, dedication, focus and respect for others. It is a sport that anyone can participate in regardless of race, creed, gender, social or economic status. 
Set up in 2007 the boxing club is run by local fire fighters who volunteer their own personal time and skills to help the Moss Side community in Manchester. It’s commitment is to: “help develop the personal attributes of the young individuals within the community we serve to reflect the qualities and attributes we value as fire fighters. We aim to act as role models and mentors to help mould the citizens of tomorrow.”

Words are courtesy of Aiysha Peach

Moss Sides youth face unique issues – territorial constrains, gang membership from an early age, fear of mistaken identity which can, in the worst case, prove to be fatal. 

By having the gym on the fire station and utilising our highly experienced coaches such as head coach Nigel Travis who is a serving Fire Fighter in the Moss Side community, we intend to provide a positive influence to these groups through the discipline of boxing. Boxing increases self esteem, and can increase the respect that an individual gets from their peer group.
Although our project is a grass root initiative it is fully supported by the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service who share the same objectives. The Organisation has provided suitable premises, rent free, and has committed to meeting all the utility and maintenance costs of the building. 

It has provided the initial set up and covered costs of refurbishing the building, providing a boxing ring and boxing equipment. It provides support in governance and health and safety matters including risk assessments and training.
At present the project has been run on a goodwill basis relying on fire fighters and volunteers giving up their own time. 
Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Club hosts two home shows a year at the Fire Station which is free to the public and participates in regional and national shows as well as competing in Europe and Ireland. 
What we are looking for is business’s that have a passion for sport, youth and the community that can help us provide the youth of tomorrow much needed life skills 
We really need all the help we can get to keep our gym self sufficient for the younger generation. Donations and or sponsorship of our Boxing Club and or shows would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I train at moss side fire station and can only praise the attitude and commitment of all parties involved in supporting the club.


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