When you work with a social media agency, you harness the expertise of a professional person (or team) capable of transforming your online presence and building customer relationships.

Social media is one of the most valuable environments for online promotion, with around 420 billion people active on at least one channel as of 2020. Unfortunately, no matter which platform you choose for your social strategy, you’re going to have a multitude of tricks, tips, and rules to learn before you can start to see results.

Social media agencies help companies to bypass the typical learning curve associated with online success. While the best social media agencies still encounter challenges on the road to success, they also have proven strategies to ensure nothing stands in the way of your online growth.

Let’s look at the 5 biggest challenges social media agencies face and how they overcome them.

What Is A Social Media Agency?

A social media agency is a professional company responsible for handling some of the most complex parts of your social strategy. Depending on the kind of service you pay for, your agency might handle things like coming up with social media marketing plans, publishing content at the right time to reach your target audience, and running audits to examine the outcomes of your campaigns.


Some of the most common tasks handled by social media agencies include:

·         Competitor analysis: Your agency will examine your competition for insights into how you can outshine other similar companies and take advantage of strategy gaps.

·         Analytics and reporting: Social media agencies give you deep-dive insights into your social media strategies, so you know where to invest for your next campaign.

·         Strategy creation: Social media agencies can help you to build strategies for multiple different social platforms and link those channels together.

·         Content creation: Many social media agencies will be able to handle things like post creation and image design for your social strategies.

·         Customer research: Some social media agencies can offer insights into your target audience, helping you to reach the right people more effectively.

5 Biggest Challenges For Social Media Agencies

Every social media agency will have challenges to face when it comes to making their client successful on their platform of choice. Your Instagram manager, Twitter specialist, or TikTok expert will need to overcome these challenges to ensure you get the right results.

Here are some of the biggest challenges facing social media agencies and how they overcome them.

1.    Setting Marketing Goals

To ensure you’re generating the right results from your social media campaigns, you need a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Unfortunately, many marketers still struggle with setting clear, practical, and realistic goals for their campaigns. Around 43% of marketing teams currently cite goal setting as their biggest challenge.

Without a clearly defined goal, it’s impossible to determine whether your marketing efforts generate the right results.

The Solution

The best social media agency will overcome the headache of setting marketing goals by talking to your company about your “big picture” ambitions. Your agency might ask why you’re currently on social media (e.g., to build brand awareness). From there, you can start to set SMART goals for specific campaigns. These goals should be:

·         Specific, including details on the platform and type of engagement you want

·         Measurable, with access to detailed metrics and information

·         Attainable, through both organic and paid campaigns

·         Realistic and reasonable for your brand in a particular time frame

·         Time-bound: Know when you want to achieve your goals


After you’ve set your marketing goals, your social media agency will be able to plan a strategy for how to reach them and provide information to show how much progress you’re making. Instagram Insights and third-party analytics tools will be ideal for demonstrating your performance.

2.    Knowing Which Social Channels To Focus On

It used to be that the only obvious social media channel to advertise on was Facebook. Now, there are dozens of social channels available, from TikTok and Snapchat to Instagram and Pinterest. Each of these channels has their own unique benefits to offer, but not all suit every company’s specific needs.

Struggling to determine which channel to focus on for social media results could mean that you end up spreading your budget too thin across a host of platforms that don’t deliver results.

The Solution

With an insight into your goals and a deeper knowledge of your company, your social media agency should be able to match your business needs to specific channels. For instance, if you want to establish a personal connection with your younger audience, TikTok is a good bet.