The tech industry has grown exponentially in the last two decades, from brick phones with simple keyboards to foldable touchscreen phones that can show you the latest news and games. It has been reported that people use mobile devices more often than personal computers because they offer a more personalised, convenient and efficient experience.

Casinos understood the trend and started to create mobile-optimised websites about ten years ago. After some time and an extensive budget, some operators decided to make downloadable casino apps. The positive response from the public was instant, with more and more gamblers switching to apps as the years went by.  

Accessibility and Convenience

Based on several surveys carried out by Manchester citizens who frequently gamble, it has been reported that accessibility is the main asset that attracts users to mobile gambling apps. It definitely helps that downloadable content doesn’t take up too much space in phone devices, and their functionality is satisfying.

The same surveys show that the personalisation systems of such apps have convinced several players to put their faith in them. According to statistics, numerous online casinos are available to Manchester players that feature a personalisation system. 

Such services allow players to save preferences for bet values, game types, and deposit limits. Moreover, several casino apps feature notification services, which allow customers to stay updated with the latest novelties in their favourite applications.

The convenient nature of these apps has allowed players from Manchester to gamble more easily and be able to take their wagering with them when going places without the hassle of carrying a laptop around.

Security and safety measures

The latest reports show that safety and security are also essential for customers, so casino apps must present safety guarantees upon downloading in order for players to stick to them. It has been reported that casino apps representing reputable online casinos hold a verified license from the UKGC, encryption protocols and strict third-party policies.

As recreational gamblers already know, getting a license for online casinos in the UK is a complex process where the entity’s board has to conduct an in-depth analysis, show their plans and ensure a safe environment for bettors. Still, when offering answers in some of the surveys, gamblers in Manchester appreciated that they usually carry out their own research on a casino app’s brand reputation before investing real money in their wagering.

Easy payments

It can be confirmed that the ease of processing payments at casino apps has also played a definitive role in the rising popularity of casino apps. Over the last few years, online casino apps have secured users access to several payment options, ranging from the classic choice of debit cards to e-wallets, prepaid cards, and crypto transactions. 

While it is common for online casinos to offer the same services when accessed from mobile, casino apps often allow users to automatically connect to their Google and Apple Pay accounts and process payments instantly, as has been reported by customers taking the surveys. 

Additional options

Although it is common for casino apps to have the same game catalogues and bonuses as their mobile or laptop equivalents, it has been observed that casino apps often include additional games or promotions as a marketing strategy to further fuel their popularity among customers.

Moreover, following the model of popular online video games, it has been reported that several casino apps shall provide daily incentives – usually in the form of free spins – in order to motivate users to log in to the application every single day.

Future Opportunities

Although statistics show that Millenials and Gen Z exponents are more likely to use casino apps to the detriment of their more traditional alternatives, new data shows that older gamblers are starting to gain demographic growth in regard to casino application usage. Such change is expected to further fuel the casino app innovations featured by iGaming operators to meet their customers’ expectations and keep up with the overly competitive British market.


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