Sometimes it feels like life is all work and no play, and that’s why it is important that we all set aside a little leisure time. But ever-changing technology and evolving personal tastes mean the way that we amuse ourselves is also adjusting.

In the past, people played parlour games with the family to while away the hours. And while, according to, those games may have enjoyed something of a revival, modern life demands a more rich and varied choice of leisure options. For many years, the casino represented the pinnacle of the social gaming experience, while bingo halls and gaming arcades also proved to be hugely popular.

Home-based fun

Many of these traditional entertainment establishments, including casinos and bingo halls, still exist, but the majority of the games they offer can now be played online. So, while a night at the casino can still be a great social occasion, those who simply want to have a gamble on their favourite game can now do so from the comfort of their own home. Sites such as help you keep up with a large number of online casinos that are emerging all the time. Bingo players also have a huge range of online sites to choose from, and arcade gamers have been well-catered for since the mass production of consoles began in the late 1980s.

The future is here!

However, there are some new forms of gaming that are better enjoyed in purpose-built venues. One example is virtual reality gaming, as reported by Manchester is the latest city to be blessed with dedicated virtual reality hubs. Centres such as Virtual Hideout and ImmotionVR offer gamers the chance to don virtual reality headsets and step into new virtual worlds. Many games are played in large rooms that allow players to move around the virtual reality environments safely. There are solo, head-to-head and team gaming options and a choice of games to suit players of all ages and levels of experience. You can explore new worlds, take on enemies or come face-to-face with horrific beasts, all in a fantastically rendered virtual environment.

Something different

Perhaps one of the more bizarre entertainment options to emerge in recent years – and one you definitely don’t want to try at home – is urban axe throwing. Yes, you heard that right – axe throwing. While VR is transporting us into the future, this unique adult-only pastime, hosted by Whistle Punk in Manchester, is a throwback to the past. Urban axe throwing is like an up-scaled version of darts. You have a target that you stand several feet away from in an area that resembles a bowling alley. But instead of throwing darts or bowling balls, you throw full-size axes – the type you would normally use to chop wood for your fireplace. If you find you have an eye for this particular game, you could even join a local league and battle for the chance to win a cash prize and your own custom-made axe.

Both of these activities offer new and exciting ways to entertain you and your friends and are great examples of how the leisure industry is looking for innovative new ways to keep us occupied in our spare time.


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