Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and lockdown was imposed to limit the spread, streaming habits have intensified to accommodate the extra time people have on them. However, reports show that viewing a lot of TV affects everyone, be it young people, adults, and even children. The drawbacks for teenagers watching TV are falling grades, no physical activity, gaining weight, and being less social. 

Even though the drawbacks are diverse yet the demand for streaming services is ever increasing. People still look for ways to unblock American Netflix since it has the most extensive libraries in every genre. If you also fall in this category and are looking for ways on how to get American Netflix in the U.K then know that, it does not involve any rocket science as you can easily watch it anywhere in the world with a premium VPN. In fact, one of my closest friends struggled to get his five-year-old daughter to do something other than watch her favorite U.S Netflix cartoon. In fact, online streaming has become so popular that it has taken over cable TV and more and more people are cutting the cord.

Why Are We Bingeing On Shows All The Time?

Many would like to ease tension from a long day at work or just take time to calm down throughout the night. All households with a Netflix account can sit on the TV, watch a series and escape from life. However, it has become a norm that hours and hours pass unexpectedly and instead of watching one episode people indulge in watching many many episodes in one go. The demand for SVoDS is increasing day by day due to the original content and feasibility it offers. The “Netflix Effect” is the phenomenon of people losing track of time while watching TV series episodes. People can’t just watch an episode of a show so they have to know what is next and Netflix provides you with entire seasons so you can watch everything at once instead of waiting a week for the next episode.

Never Ending Original Content!

The constant influx of new shows on Netflix and other online video streaming sites is luring binge-watchers from all over the world, potentially diverting them from their everyday tasks in three ways. People are no longer watching only one episode of a show every week, thanks to Netflix’s decision to make the whole series available online. And viewers discover that they can’t stop watching a show after one season because they’ve been left hanging and want to know what happens next. After spending hours upon hours in front of a television or device, some families are beginning to wonder if watching Netflix is really a stress-relieving activity or whether it is simply consuming the majority of their free time. And if that was not enough, these online streaming services are even available on your phone so you can watch your favorite shows anywhere. Check out these 5 things to consider while streaming on your Android device.

How Is It Impacting Our Social Lives and Relationships

People now watch television and web series in a different way than before, influencing how they spend their time. These binge-watchers can be seen in a variety of settings, including ordinary homes, college campuses, and even the workplace.

What the real problem with too much online streaming is that it makes people anti-social as their minds are constantly indulged in the show they’re watching. They just can’t wait to go home and continue watching their favorite show.

“Netflix and Chill” is a popular phrase in the college world. For the word “Netflix and Chill” there is no real meaning. The understanding goes some way: invite a friend from the other sex over, take a Netflix random show, start to watch the show, and then get cozy with your date as you play episodes in the background. This natural interaction has also been affected by the streaming craze. If you need a show to call your loved one over, then what’s the point?

College students have now made Netflix and online video streaming famous. I can now recognize the effect these online video networks have on my classmates and peers, I am a college student living in a college town. I see my friends doing it on a regular basis, not to mention those living in the vicinity. Late in the morning, time afterward midnight, I often see the faint light of a computer or TV coming on several occasions from neighboring apartments.

Streaming At Work 

Another region not prone to the Netflix issue of binge-watching is the workplace. The Netflix craze and its possible workplace damage are being felt by more employers. One application I have just completed included a Terms & Conditions section that made me stand and read it twice. It says “this is not a work for Netflix!” He says something. Many people use their working time to do some work and watch Netflix. I was at a car wash just yesterday when my friend was sitting in a car wash waiting booth. As she waited for her car to drive to her stand, she was watching Netflix.

As employers become aware of what employees are doing at their jobs, they start to lay down new guidelines on paid working hours. Some staff can’t get away with binge viewing in fact, some companies don’t even allow using it in break time or lunchtime. In summary, Netflix has become something in many ways that impacts many lives. This latest concept of watching TV or an online series robs people of precious time that cannot come back. The Netflix Effect on average households is great as schools strive to get their staff to work with the “Netflix and Chill” idea of dating. But Netflix must not be seen in a derogatory way. Netflix can be a nice stress relief and a fun time for families. It is an excellent source to watch movies or even to watch some of your favorite shows.


Surely advancement in technology has always helped mankind move forward, but moderation is the key. One drug that the majority of the world has been addicted to during the lockdown, is streaming and binge-watching, like hard-core drug addicts wanting more and more, with their sleep-deprived eyes, they say “just one more episode”. This behavior is totally destructive and definitely leads one to stay away from friends and family.



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