A partnership initiative set up by Greater Manchester Police has protected over 120 vulnerable victims of domestic abuse in Trafford

A partnership initiative set up by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has protected over 120 vulnerable victims of domestic abuse in Trafford since its launch a year ago.

Operation Horizon, which was created in 2021, sees GMP’s Trafford Adult Safeguarding Unit and staff from domestic abuse charity, Trafford Domestic Abuse Service (TDAS) who offer support to individuals and families in the Trafford area who are suffering from our have suffered from domestic abuse, making joint weekly visits to high-risk domestic abuse victims and their families, to assess their safety, encourage them to engage with specialist support services and deter offenders. Although regular visits to those at risk from domestic abuse is not a new thing for the Force, these visits did have to be temporarily put on hold when restrictions due to COVID-19 were introduced.

The Unit then switched to maintaining contact over the phone to ensure that the crucial support was still being provided.

Operation Horizon was introduced when restrictions began to ease, and now the in-person visits are done by GMP officers, alongside Independent Domestic Violence Advocates (IDVAs) from TDAS. This multi-agency approach ensures that victims are given an enhanced level of ongoing support.

As well as a regular partner visits, the team has also provided those at risk with mobile phones and smart camera doorbells to make them feel more safe and secure in their own homes as well as providing Right to Know disclosures under the Clare’s Law scheme.

The disclosure would allow the victim to be made aware of their partner’s offending history in order that they could safeguard themselves further.

The operation not only aims to protect vulnerable victims, but also to target offenders. A significant amount of domestic abuse offenders have been arrested as part of the operation, for breaching their Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO), which bans perpetrators from returning to the address or having contact with the victim.

Detective Sergeant Louise Haslam, said: “Domestic abuse is a priority for GMP, and it is important that those at risk know that we are here to help them, to support them and will take their reports seriously.

“Operation Horizon is all about putting victims are the forefront of our work, and I am pleased at the impact that the initiative has had and the feedback we have received from victims, many of whom experience horrific abuse behind closed doors and are terrified of being forgotten about. I hope that Operation Horizon shows them that they will not be forgotten, that support is always available to them whether that is through GMP or one of our partners, and that preparators see that their behaviour will not be tolerated.

“If you’re a victim of domestic abuse, or are concerned about someone you know, please use our online reporting facility, or LiveChat on our website, or dial 101. In an emergency that’s ongoing or life is in danger, always dial 999.”

“Alternatively, Greater Manchester Victims’ Services can provide independent emotional and practical support for anyone affected by crime. You can contact the service by visiting the website on https://www.gmvictims.org.uk/ or calling 0161 200 1950. If you live or work in Trafford, TDAS can be contacted by visiting the website on www.tdas.org.uk or calling 0161 872 7368.”


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