For its 50th anniversary, ‘The Changing Face of Salford’ is being shown at The New Adelphi Theatre at the University of Salford, in an event in partnership with the North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University and Film Hub North.

The film features unique and remarkable footage of Salford’s streets and documents the last days before the clearance and final demolition of the slums. The third part of the trilogy goes on to look at ‘Salford the Other Side’ where its parks and open spaces are presented as a contrast to the slum conditions seen in the first two films.

Michael Goodger, who filmed the streets of Ordsall from 1968, had previously lectured in art at Salford University, and started the project after requesting a cine film camera to develop his work.

He said: “I always used to take photographs on a 35mm camera but when I was given a film camera it was like my new toy.”

Although at the time, Michael had never made films before, he wanted to turn his photographs into motion so started shooting raw footage. “I had the equipment, but I didn’t know how to properly make a film, so I invited creative artist, Michael Dines to write the commentary for it,” he said.

Michael Goodger will be attending the 50th Anniversary screening and taking part in a Q+A session, where audience members will have the opportunity to contribute their own memories of Salford and share their responses to ‘The Changing Face of Salford’.

He said: “I’m really proud that the film is being shown again. I’m an artist and I feel like what we created is art, and at the time we thought was right and still believe is right.”

The film will be shown on the 19 November, 7:30pm at New Adelphi Salford. Tickets can be found here.


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