The son of Piccadilly Rats dancer Ray Boddington has written a heartfelt plea to his father as he continues to cling to life in hospital.

The 78 year old suffered head injuries after being hit by a tram in the City Centre last week and was taken off a life support machine over the weekend.

Ray however continues to breathe unaided by technology and his son Daniel writes

shows how strong you are dad but Watching my dad being taken of the machine and the breathing machine aswell to be told after it he will pass over withing 24 hours to him still breathing 43 hours later with all his injuries that should have killed a normal man on impact these are the hardest days I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy:

He adds that “from my heart I can say iam the proudest son to watch how strong powerfull and incredible my dad is”adding

keep the prayers and thoughts as they keeping him alive and I thank everyone all over the country and manchester I know my dad loves you all.”


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