With Winter well and truly upon us, one thing we are going to be doing more of…is getting cosy at home! With earlier nights and longer lay-ins on the menu, why not start thinking about how to add a bit of luxury to your bedroom? From upgrading your pillow to a swish new pair of PJ’S, here are five ways to jazz up bedtime this season. 

Perfect your bedding

No bedroom is crowned luxurious without the perfect bed. First things first, it’s time for some pillow talk. Think something so soft you cannot wait to lay down yet firm enough to keep you supported while you snooze. Give a bamboo luxury memory foam pillow a whirl and you will be counting down the hours to bedtime! Breathable, comfy, support in one gorgeously soft pillow- sorted! Next up bedding… why not go for something silky, smooth and ultra-comfy? More is more here… and when it comes to comfort you deserve everything. Get yourself all wrapped up in a luxuriously fluffy bamboo duvet and indulge. To finish it off, pop a fancy throw over your bed for extra snuggle. Think stylish, winter colours to create the wow factor. Go for gold, you’re on the way to winning bedroom of the year!

Add a splash of colour

Jazz up tired paint jobs with a few statement pieces that bring a splash of luxury to your bedroom. Hang some artwork on empty walls with bright, seasonal colours to create a stylish ambience. Curtains and blinds are also a snazzy way of brightening up your bedroom décor without getting out the paintbrush. And how about those bedtime lamps? Add a fancy glow with luxury smelling candles, and get your room smelling like a five-star hotel. The perfect setting for a bit of bedtime reading. Treat yourself to the latest best-sellers and upgrade your bookshelf (even if you don’t get round to reading them- book worm is a fabulous look) What next? Ahh yes, feet.

Indulge in a cosy rug

No luxurious bedroom should give you cold feet. So… choose yourself a fluffy, warm, wonderful rug as the perfect landing spot for rolling out of bed. Go for cosy, natural materials like bamboo which is not only a delight for your feet… It is gentle on the planet. Yep- luxury need not cost the earth my friends. Colour wise- the fancier the better. Pick something that will compliment your current colour scheme, seasonal deep reds, blue’s and caramels would look simply dreamy. Perfect for gazing at with your head propped up on a luxury pillow reading one of those novels!

PJ Party

When arriving in a luxury bedroom, one must do so in style! Treat yourself to a new pair of PJ’s and you’re all set to strut the bedroom catwalk. And make sure they match your bedding in case you’re inspired to take any bedtime selfies… jazzy bedroom’s call for showing off after all. When it comes to your PJ’s, choose breathable materials that will be perfect for all seasons. It’s worth going for a few pricier pairs that will last and last- after all, luxury is always worth the investment. Right? 

See? Luxury upgrades need not be complicated, a few simple switches can make a big difference to your home. Bedtime is something we all deserve to look forward to, after all there is no greater luxury than a good night’s sleep!


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