From 2020 through 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic forced many governments to put in lockdowns. The move left many people with no other option but to stay indoors. For many of them, being home for such an extended period made every single aspect of their homes feel vital-more so the big rooms, like the bedroom. The increased emphasis on utility and comfort at home is likely to stay through this year. 

The emphasis has many effects on every room in the house, such as the bedrooms. Many people are now decorating their bedrooms to suit their needs. How you decorate your bedroom defines your charisma and style. It portrays your personality. A cosy and comforting bedroom indicates that you effortlessly approach life and that you are relaxed. A bedroom full of lively colours suggests that you are full of adventures and fun. 

While decorative bedroom trends are ever-changing, some never do. Here are some decorate bedroom trends you can include in your bedroom in 2021. 

1. The Headboard

Most of your focus should go into buying or making a headboard and a quality bed. The two are long-term investments and one of the most inexpensive ways of decorating your bedroom. Choose the largest size that your sleeping space can accommodate to have the most impact. 

It is not a must that you buy a headboard. You can make one for yourself if you love hand-made materials. Many stores trade in DIY pallets from which you can choose. 

2. Cerused Wood

The whitewashed wood is among the hottest looks this year. It is a popular pick for bedroom furniture. Often called the “lime washing“, cerusing is an excellent way of adding subtle texture to your bedroom, as it uses wax or cream designed to darken or lighten the wooden details.

It comes in different shades from which you can choose. Pick the shade that highlights the features of your bedroom better. 

3. Sage-Green Bedding

According to Andra DelMonico, Next Luxury’s interior designer, this bedding hue is becoming more popular in 2021. Sage green is soft, calming and sophisticated. It is the best version of the primary green hue. 

Pair the sage bedding with softer hues such as pastel pink, cream or pale yellow. Some of the bedroom textiles that also look better with this hue are throw pillows.

4. Wallpapers

If your bedroom lacks colours and liveliness, wallpaper is the right decorative option for you. Add graphics and patterns to your sleeping space with this decorative option in tones that suit your interior. They come in varieties from which you can choose. For example, if you do not want permanent wallpaper, go for removable wallpaper designs.

5. Vintage Screens

This décor option is suitable for dampening sound, adding privacy and dividing space. There are many vintage options that you can choose from. According to DelMonico, they give your sleeping space separating spaces and provide a sense of archaic style. Lean the screen behind your bed and use it as a headboard or to hide your bedroom desk.

6. Bring Nature In

Before the lockdown, you could access nature as often as you like. But with the lockdown in place, this has become impossible, and many people are seeking more. To achieve this, highlight and frame the surrounding nature by introducing greenery or adding a floral wallpaper. 

Link your wallpaper or greenery with nature outside your window so that it looks like you are naturally drawing nature into your house.

7. Sofa Bed

It has always been a trend of having sofas in the sleeping space. What is different, however, is the sofa bed. Sofa beds come in elegant and functional colours, which you can personalize to suit your bedroom’s needs. They are ideally suited for a guest room that also doubles as an office. 

When buying one, opt for plain fabric or imitation leather to give the room a minimalist look. You can choose bold colours or prints for aesthetic appeal and colour blocking. When arranging the room, place the sofa bed next to a window or at the end of the bed looking way. If the room has no other bed, a day-bed sofa bed style will be the best option for you. You can use the sofa bed to read books and a bed for your guests.


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