The Tories have written to Ofcom saying placing an ice sculpture on the PM’s podium was a “provocative partisan stunt”.

Boris Johnson failed to turn up to a Channel Four leaders debate on climate change and the Broadcaster replaced the Prime Minister with a melting ice sculpture.

The Party is now threatening to review Channel 4’s public service broadcasting obligations when they are due to be renewed in 2024.

As the row intensified, Michael Gove appeared at the studio to take the Prime Minister’s place but was refused with Channel Four saying it was a leader’s debate.

Channel 4 also replaced Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage with ice in the hour-long programme.

Channel 4 News editor Ben de Pear said: “These two ice sculptures represent the emergency on planet earth, not in any human form but are a visual metaphor for the Conservative and Brexit parties after their leaders declined our repeated invitations to attend tonight’s vital climate debate.”


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