Rod, Mick, Charlie, Brian and Keith are among the seven new additions moo-ving into Wigan Borough.

The Highland Cows, which range from six to 14-years-old, need a new home after living a life of luxury at a manor in Lincolnshire.

Their previous owners have now moved on meaning the herd faced an uncertain future until the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and Wigan Council decided to grab the opportunity by the horns.

Their new residence in the grassy outskirts of Bickershaw means the bullocks can continue to lead stress-free lives and could provide an environmental boost.

Residents can also have their say on naming two of the cattle which are currently referred to as 17 and 18.

This process will be hosted on the ‘BickershawProject’ Facebook page from today until Friday 6th December.

The seven-strong herd all have passport numbers and will now hopefully enjoy a similar life of luxury for years to come.

It’s hoped the delivery can help local farmers by improving the viability of farming businesses.

Herds of cattle grazing across larger areas of land can significantly improve the diversity of wildlife in that landscape thanks to the natural grazing they offer.

Cows graze differently to sheep, for example, as they wrap their tongues around clumps of vegetation to pull it up, creating small patches of bare earth ready to be populated by new seeds.

The Highland Cows should also prove to be less picky with their gut capable of digesting tougher plants and their size means they need plenty to keep going.

This week’s anticipated 120-mile journey from Lincolnshire follows a similar trip 12 Galloway cows made to Bickershaw in 2016 to help chomp their way through long overgrown grasses, thistles and nettles at the 612-acre site in Westleigh.

It is expected that the borough’s newest residents will be carrying out a similar helpful role during their time.


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