A new exhibition opens tomorrow in Sale featuring amalgamation of three traditional craft disciplines,woodwork, glass-making, and textiles.

R3VEAL features three artists, Bella May Leonard, Gianluca Mingolla and Kira Meyer who were selected to participate in CIT (Creative Industries Trafford) Mentoring Scheme.

Bella May Leonard focuses on hand stitching, researching historic textiles first hand and interpreting traditional stitches with contemporary materials. 

She has travelled extensively in India and Romania and will undertake a residency in Mexico in September of this year. When she returns, she will be leading workshops and giving presentations for the Nottingham Embroiderer’s Guild, The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Craft and Design Centre and exhibiting with the textile art group ‘Eleven’ at NeoArtist Gallery in Bolton.  

Gianluca Mingolla has undertaken depth exploration between craft and technology creating a blend that moved beyond the limitations of the handmade, yet celebrated traditional skills. As a maker, she strives to develop the balance which is core to her making process. 

City by Night and Soundwave tables are showcased at R3veal, and celebrate her traditional skills complimented by her computer skills apparent with the assembly, finish, CNC, water jet and laser work. The considered use of machined hardwoods and metal, laser etched surfaces and hand thrown ceramics come together beautifully.

Kira Meyer won Channel 4’s programme “Monty Don’s Real Craft Show” and her piece celebrates the North Sea.

This watery realm separates her from her birth place.

“I have deep emotional ties to this sea and it is where I choose to go to reflect, connect and be myself. I adore the colours of the sea, the different hues, transparency and yet there is the depth and the darkness too. The North Sea is my keeper of memories, joy, sorrow and things I’d rather forget, I put everything into a watery box. Crashing waves and gentle ripples all mirror my consciousness, it is where I go to breathe.”

R3VEAL runs from the 15th August until 19th September at the Waterside at Sale and is free to enter.


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