CULTUREPLEX to launch the festive season with Christmas tree installation by Paradise Works artist Kieran Leach.

CULTUREPLEX is celebrating its first festive season in Manchester with an unconventional Christmas tree installation by local artist Kieran Leach, based at Paradise Works.

Installed during CULTUREPLEX’S Pump Up Christmas yesterday, to officially launch their festive season, the 13ft Mylar ‘tree’ is the centrepiece of their Christmas decorations.

Artist Kieran Leach, 25, was born in Altrincham and left to study fine art in Leicester before returning to the city to put down roots four years ago. He is a founder member of Paradise Works, where he also works as a technician and built the first floor studios.

Katie Popperwell, Programme Director at CULTUREPLEX said, “The tradition of the Christmas Tree has numerous different origin stories and has been reinterpreted creatively throughout the ages. Our Christmas Tree is a bit tongue-in-cheek and coincides with the
launch of our new season of events all about modern habits and rituals. It’s an object onto which we can project all our fantasies about what a Christmas Tree should be. Kieran’s conceptual rigour and the humour in his work makes him an ideal choice for the first
commission of this new season.”

CULTUREPLEX is a place to hang out, meet people, watch a film and hear good music, or listen to a talk, take a class, engage in considered discussion and debate, get some work done.


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