Professor Robert Winston is one of the most instantly recognisable scientists in the country and has been responsible for making science understandable to generations, from Your Life in Their Hands on BBC Television from 1979 – 1987 and The Human Body in 1998 to more recent programmes on the human mind. 

He is one of our leading specialists on fertility and IVF and popularised the subject with television series such as Making Babies in 1996 and The Human Body in 1998, The Secret Life of Twins in 1999 and Superhuman in 2000. He even appeared in Radio 4’s The Archers as a fertility consultant. Most recently he presented six programme for BBC Child against All Odds. 

His most recent book on science is The Utterly Amazing Human Body, a pop-up book that teaches children how the body works. 

In his celebrity talk at the Lowther Pavilion Professor Winston addresses the subject of genetics. The sequencing of the human genome and advances in gene technology mean that it is now possible to screen embryos for serious genetic disorders before a pregnancy has even really begun. But the same technology can be used not only screen embryos to secure babies with only the most desirable attributes but also to modify genes. Is this a wonderful new world or a frightening Frankenstein monster? 

Robert Winston is an entertaining speaker, bringing compex issues to life with humour and infectious energy. He will take a Q&A session at the end of his talk. 

The show is at Lowther Pavilion on Wednesday 6 April at 7.30pm. Tickets from Lowther Pavilion 01253 794221


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