General Manager Marie and her team of 12 are due to open the doors to Manchester’s newest Pret A Manger on 19th December. 

The shop, located in the Manchester Arndale shopping centre in the middle of the city, will feature a menu of freshly prepared salads, sandwiches, baguettes and breakfasts.

Sitting pride of place in the new shop will be the current Christmas Menu, including Pret’s Christmas Lunch, Pret’s Veggie Christmas Lunch and the new Pret’s Christmas Lunch on Gluten-Free Bread. A range of Christmas baguettes and sweet treats are also available.

The shop’s Baristas will be on hand to serve a range of organic teas, coffees and hot chocolates, alongside freshly made smoothies and frappes.

Marie, General Manager at Pret A Manger says, “Our fantastic team are so excited to open the doors to Manchester’s newest Pret A Manger in the bustling Manchester Arndale.

“The shop has a lovely, large seating area and we look forward to welcoming shoppers who need a moment to refuel as they pick-up last-minute Christmas gifts or head to the January sales.”

As part of Pret’s commitment to helping alleviate poverty, hunger and homelessness in the UK, the new shop is working with G&A Hotels, who work with local councils to provide food and shelter for families experiencing homelessness in the local area.

Pret is also on the look-out for other local charities to donate unsold food to at the end of each day. Interested local charities can contact the Pret Foundation via Over the past year, Pret’s national scheme has distributed over three million food items to charities, hostels and shelters across the UK.


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