​A hard-hitting poster that warns parents about the dangers of smoking near children has won a design competition for local school children.
Children were asked to create posters that highlighted the negative impact of smoking for the chance to see their artwork on display and win a family cinema ticket.

Rochdale Borough Children’s Council teamed up with the public protection team to run the school poster competition to encourage parents to stop smoking near their children.

The winning poster will now be displayed in GP surgeries, libraries and other venues across the borough, alongside the stop smoking contact number to encourage residents to quit for good.

The competition also aimed to educate children about the dangers of smoking as figures show children who live with smokers are up to three times more likely to take-up the habit as those that live in smoke-free households.

More than 237 entries were received from schools across the borough, which highlighted the health risks associated with smoking, such as cancer and how it affects children.

Zaara Ali, 11, Marland Hill Primary School, won the competition for a clever design showing a child copying a smoking parent through a mirror image.

She said: “I was so surprised when I won and I’m really excited that I will see my poster on the screen when I go to the doctors or around health centres! I’m also looking forward to my trip to the cinema.”

In the Rochdale borough it is estimated that 21% of adults are smokers and around 423 people die in every year as a result of smoking.

Councillor Janet Emsley, Rochdale Borough Council’s cabinet member for culture, health and wellbeing said: “I really hope parents take notice of how their smoking affects their children and give up the cigarettes for good. The standard of designs we received was extremely high and I’m very proud of Zaara and everyone who took part to help us reduce the number of smokers in our borough.”


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