Moving in Greater Manchester is just like moving anywhere else. Even if you’ve never experienced it first-hand, we can all empathise with the stress and strain that comes with a new home. It’s nerve-wracking, tiring and even though it feels like the start of a new adventure, it brings a lot of worry alongside it. However, if you plan and prepare in advance, you can become organised rather quickly and become ready to tackle moving day. 

Don’t be afraid to seek help and ask friends, family or even neighbours for a hand. To help with your Greater Manchester move, we’ve created this little guide, full of useful tips, to be your first helping hand.  

Prepare in Advance

The earlier you begin your preparations the better. Think in advance, make lists, organise the household, every little detail is important so the more time you give yourself, the easier the move will be. Dividing everything into smaller, more manageable steps is a great relief and can make the process run more efficiently. 

If you’re thinking of hiring an extra pair of professional hands, then comparing removal companies in Manchester as early as possible is extremely important. Compare quotes online to save money and make sure you get in contact quickly so that you have a better chance of booking your preferred date. Removal companies are qualified and experienced and can take so much stress away from moving day. Don’t wait until the last minute, the less stress the better. 

Scout Out the Area Beforehand

This is especially important if you’re new to the area. Never be afraid to venture out and get familiar with the location beforehand. It can even be a fun family day out if you’re moving with children. Greater Manchester is a large area and so it can sometimes feel overwhelming turning up without knowing more about the property and its location. 

Ask your solicitor about the street, meet the neighbours if possible. There are a variety of things to do in Greater Manchester that can get you familiar with the area. Even if you’re just moving a street away, you’ll be surprised what you can discover from a little wandering. 

Talk to Your Solicitor

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. Whether it’s your solicitor or family and friends, you have more help around you than you think. Your solicitor, especially, is there to aid in the legal process and take you through everything step by step. If you’re working with a local solicitor in Greater Manchester, then they will likely know about the area to help you become more familiar with it. You don’t have to plan all of this alone, remember that. 

Do the Dirty Deed and Declutter

One of the biggest steps to preparing a house before you move is decluttering. Time is valuable and so the earlier you start cleaning, the more organised you’ll be. Clear out any unwanted items and don’t forget to be strict with yourself. It might sound tedious but it’s an important step to take before packing so that you have less to gather, saving you money on packing materials.

It can be surprising how many items you’ll find that you just never use. Take your time and be thorough. It’s important to declutter your home before a move so that there are fewer boxes to load and unload, saving you both time and money in the long run. Save yourself from future work and get rid of those unwanted possessions. 

Pack as Early as Possible

Get it out of the way early. Once you’ve taken a break from the cleaning and decluttering, get those boxes ready and start packing. Begin with the least used rooms to reduce any disruption and don’t forget to add labels, the removals team will definitely thank you for it. Create an inventory as you go along so that no item is misplaced. Use only high-quality packing materials and don’t overload boxes as it increases the risk of damage and accidents. 

Packing will feel tedious and never-ending, but the more time you spend on it the safer everything will be. Help your future self get settled in more quickly by starting the packing process early and organising the household. The more prepared you are when packing, the better prepared you’ll be when unpacking. 

Organise Your Utilities

It’s important to remember to organise your utilities before moving. Remember to sort out your council tax, gas, water and home insurance as early as possible when moving into your new property. It’ll save you a lot of stress once you’ve settled in and will give you more time to relax in your new home. 

Take notes, set alarms, make a list, do whatever you find easiest and most useful to help you remember. If you’re staying with your current provider, make sure you contact them in advance to make any necessary changes. 

Embrace Your New Manchester Address

It’s important to remember to change your address where necessary. Get used to learning the new location and contact important services that will need your details. Friends, family, banks, insurance companies, your local doctor, there will be a range of people who will need to be contacted. Provide them with as much notice as possible to allow the process to go a lot smoother. 

No matter whether you’re new to Greater Manchester or a long time resident, this step is very important. Enjoy your new home and your new surroundings, get used to repeating the new address and enjoy becoming an official Mancunian. You’ll love it! After all, Manchester is one of the least stressful places to move so you’ve already made it easier on yourself. These extra steps are just ways to help you settle in and relax more quickly. 

Plan and Pack a Moving Day Survival Bag

The day before moving day, make sure to pack everyone a survival kit. Gather snacks and drinks for the ride and if you have children, put together a little games bundle to entertain them during the journey. Your survival bag should contain everyday items like medication, phone chargers, toiletries, pyjamas and anything else vital to your daily routine. 

Not only will this step ensure a more enjoyable ride, but it’ll also help you settle in more quickly. Nobody wants to unpack as soon as they finish travelling. We’re all guilty of leaving our suitcases full for a few days (even weeks) after a holiday and moving house isn’t much different. This survival bag will ensure you’re prepared for your last night in the old home and your first night in the new one. 

Do whatever you can to make moving house easier for yourself. Enjoy the process and enjoy your new Greater Manchester property. You’ll be unpacked and making the house a home in no time!


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