MoneySuperMarket, the UK’s leading price comparison site, has crunched the numbers on the ‘hidden headaches’ of moving day to identify the most and least stressful cities to move to – with Manchester taking the second spot as the most stress-free location.

The Moving Stress Index scored 30 of the UK’s biggest cities against eight key factors that impact a house move: number of local delivery companies broadband speed, child care availability, cleaning services, supermarket proximity, takeaway services, road access and local ‘happiness levels’.

These factors were identified as some of the biggest potential causes of stress in a nationwide poll, with over half (56%) of respondents saying the process of getting everything into their new home was the biggest nightmare, closely followed by slow or no wi-fi (51%) and having a working kitchen (40%).

Manchester respectively took the second spot as the least stressful cities for moving day due to fast wi-fi, child day care availability, delivery services and good road access.


Top 5 least stressful cities to move to Top 5 most stressful cities to move to
Wolverhampton London
Manchester Edinburgh
Nottingham Birmingham
Derby Plymouth
Newcastle upon Tyne Sheffield



With 638,000 home movers per year and nearly nine out of 10 (86%)[10] home movers finding moving day stressful – MoneySuperMarket has developed the Home Movers Hub to guide movers with information, tips and support through the different stages. Designed for every stage of the moving process, the hub includes everything from a mortgage calculator to a broadband speed test as well as checklists to help movers keep track of everything they need for a smooth move.


Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs experts at MoneySuperMarket, commented: “There’s no escaping the fact that moving day is stressful, but a way to minimise the pain is to plan ahead as much as possible. As well as helping movers find the best deals on their new bills, we have created the Home Movers Hub and a personalised customer journey to ensure the move to a new home is made as stress-free as possible, with a range of tips and tricks sent straight to your inbox at timely intervals to help movers through the process”.



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