HAPHAZARD returns to Z-arts on Saturday 20 February 2016, 12pm – 4pm, presenting an invaluable opportunity for children and grown-ups to explore the realms of their imaginations, feel the thrill of magical performances and become ‘part of the art’. 
A crazy golf course made of canvases and paint-dipped golf balls and a performer selling her entire wardrobe are just two of the thirteen remarkable performances in store as part of the FREE event.  

London-based performance artist, Katy Baird, will arrive in Manchester ready to cut deals and be prepared to return home without a stitch to wear as her performance, The Free Market, involves selling every item of clothing she owns. Billed as ‘the sale of the season’, the deal for audiences doesn’t involve cash – no conventional currency will be accepted – but instead an exchange of ideas.

 From Tyneside come Left Leg Gallery and their Crazy F.O.R.E activity, which takes golf to a higher, more creative level by immersing golf balls in poster paint before heading round a specially constructed course made of undulating canvases. Amidst the unusual parade of characters and performances are impressive, immersive installations such as Artizani’s range of special bee hives, each opening up to reveal unexpected worlds, and Travelling Lights’ Ludicrously Luminous participatory light show, inviting viewers to become participants with the pull of a specially adapted beer pump.


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