Understand that information is power while we are witnessing an unprecedented moment in our history marked by a proliferation of the knowledge that rises in volume exponentially. This vast ocean of data is stored in free reading sites and databases that support the notion that educational content should be free plus available for everybody. There is more than one online resource for reading that can quench your thirst toward knowledge, depending on what is your area of interest. Top-quality scientific articles, essay or discussion papers are available along with proper reading resources for middle school level of education. College students, as well as science enthusiasts, can use these service snd resources for writing their essay papers or just as sources of information that facilitates their education while enjoying the benefit of free learning.


This is one of the largest free databases of knowledge, available for anyone who needs proper basic encyclopedic facts. It is also a very ambitious project that keeps evolving while offering better and more reliable information every day. It is a perfect starting point for students who are writing their essay papers because it provides a wide base of information ranging from science to history and literature. Wikipedia is a perfect reading resources for middle school pupils who can receive their first glimpse into topics outside their education curriculum. We are lucky that reading comes free these days as informal education is becoming more popular and acknowledged.

Although constantly updated, it should be considered primarily as a resource for reading rather than some hard facts database. When writing your essay papers, all their facts should be taken with some reserve and checked with other sources as well before being recognized as truths. For everyone attending college who needs a quality essay produced in short notice, reaching out toward some extra help would be a smart option. Combining basic Wikipedia sources with professional help from those providing service of writing can be one winning combination. There are other free reading sites that you should check, but knowing where to find some basic information is a good place to start.

Project Gutenberg

This is a paradise for all book fanatics out there who crave toward some good resource for reading that comes for free. It contains multiple categories loaded with free content, which makes it a perfect stop for book worms or students searching for hard-to-reach tittles. It is a perfect source for your literature essay with tons of great quoting material, which makes your life easier when writing with a deadline above your head. This virtual library is one vault of knowledge, just waiting to be explored as a reading resource for middle school pupils and their college counterparts. Literature has never been more accessible in a digital form before, and the fact that it comes as free makes it a rare education treat.

While writing an essay requires a dose of patience plus dedication, choosing some reliable, professional service like Writix that can facilitate your efforts is advisable. All free reading sites can be a stockpile of great content, but an experienced connoisseur of any topic can squeeze the fresh essay out of that content with no problem. This project is especially apt if you prefer reading through your mobile devices instead of turning the old fashioned yellow pages of your favorite printed editions.


Medium may seem like a big blog archive on a first glance, but what started as some blogging platform quickly evolved into an assembly of multiple publications encompassing all topics one can imagine. One may find everything here, from the top ten lists to political discussions and essays on post-modern art movements. Many see it as a casual resource for reading but it features some serious writers with their blogs incorporated into this platform. They deliver top-quality content that can be used for education purposes as well as a base for essay papers research. You can even share your own thoughts for free and publish your stories while gradually gathering a following.

It seems that even the simple blog writers have discovered that golden rule which states how content is important, so adding value with each post becomes a necessity in free reading sites game. Cloning content is not well received by readers who appreciate originality plus creative writing, and that is exactly what Medium has to offer. One can think of it as some free summary or synopsis service, which is highly beneficial concerning any variety of college paper assignments. Try browsing through different publications until you find what suits you or your needs.

Honorable mentions

Your writing assignments should be fun and easy work, with all those free reading sites and resources available online. Enrich your essay with colorful citations plus reliable insights that can be easily available today. Try free knowledge base service providers like Tween Tribune, ReadWorks or DOGO News next time when writing your essay assignment. Each of these sites is great reading resources for middle school children or a higher level of education and it will serve you well as a source of fun facts or enjoyable pastime.

These are just some of the best free resource for reading available, so we encourage everyone into exploring this infinite universe of virtual data, which makes our world more connected and united in pursuit toward truth and knowledge.


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