The number one factor that determines the success of any post on Instagram are likes. Your posts shall move higher in the news feed if they get more likes. And it is not just the already published posts that will benefit, given that even future posts shall be ranked higher in the news feed if the previous ones got lots of likes. But how do you gain more likes on Instagram posts? Well, there are many methods through which one can get likes, and some even choose to buy likes for Instagram to boost their online success. This post looks at the simple tricks that can help you have your posts top in the news feed.

  1. Share relevant images

One mistake that most Instagram users do is fail to research and know what their followers want to see from them. This makes them just post images without doing proper research to know whether these images can work for their strategy or not.

The very first thing that Instagram marketers need to do is look at their previous images and identify those that got the most likes and then post similar photos. If your account is still new, then you can check on your competitors’ profiles to see which images actually worked for them to get the most likes. With this, you can now know the kind of images to post to get lots of likes.

  1. Post at the appropriate time

You need to post your posts at a time that not so many people are posting. This is essential given that when not so many people are posting, then there is little competition for your posts, thus having lots of likes is not as difficult.

Research has shown that posting between 10 PM and 3 AM is the best given that not so many people shall be awake to post at this time. A single post can earn you as many as 1000 likes at around this time. Note that people would like to focus more on new posts, and thus posting during the day, hoping that someone will bump into it at night does not actually work.

  1. Like other posts as well

As you work to get the most likes for your posts, you should also know that you have to do the same for other posts. Liking other people’s posts means that they can also like yours back, thus be able to increase your likes for every post.

But remember that it is not just liking every other post you come across on Instagram. This is a strategy that is highly dependent on the business goal you have, as well as the niche. Before you start liking other people’s posts, you need to be sure that those posts are actually relevant not just to your niche, but also to your goal. Most people will avoid liking back your posts if they realize that your niche and goal are different from theirs.

  1. Capitalize on hashtags

One of the greatest tools that most people don’t seem to utilize is Instagram hashtags. Hashtags can help your post be found by those who are genuinely interested in it, and thus will easily like it. By using hashtags, you are also assured of directing the posts to relevant audiences. This is a boost given that you don’t have many expectations of getting likes from people who are not interested in whatever you are doing.

  1. Use call to action in captions

On any social media platform, you get what you ask for. On Twitter, for example, you are likely to get more retweets if you ask people to retweet. The same thing happens on Instagram. When you post, all you need to do is request other users to like your post, and you will be surprised at the number of likes you are likely to get per post.


Instagram likes one of the greatest measures of engagement on a post on Instagram. This will tell you whether or not your marketing strategy is working, and if it is not, then you will be able to know how to adjust. You can choose to buy Instagram likes for posts if you notice that you are not getting enough post likes to help you with your strategy.  


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