The third series of Paul Abbott‘s award-winning Channel 4 series No Offence  starts shooting on location in Manchester.

The brilliant and unbreakable crime fighting family of Friday Street coppers return with 6 brand new episodes.

The extremities of DI Viv Deering’s world are governed, not only by thugs, but politicians. Same goes for all of us. In our crowded world enemies can be almost invisible. Deering and her team adopt equally covert tactics to expose a few bare-faced truths.

Paul Abbott says: “Series 3 is about the void left by political parties, clusters of ignorance streamlined in to soldier ants. Whether it’s a real or perceived void doesn’t matter. Predators will always exploit a weakness. Viv Deering really earns her wages in making her voice heard to diverse cultural factions.”

The fabulous three return: “let’s not pigeon shit all over the facts” Deering, impulsive DC Dinah Kowalska and astute DS Joy Freers.

Swooping in to micromanage the Friday Street team is the sharp new Superintendent Marilyn Merchant. They’re having to play smarter than ever to keep the lid on a city at fragile breaking point.

Mayoral hustings in Cinderly, an inner-city area of Manchester, is a tinderbox ready to ignite following race riots kicked off by an arson attack on a mosque.

Fuelling the chaos in the community is leader of the extreme Far Right group Albion, Dennis Caddy, his outspoken girlfriend Bonnie and his mouthy sister Faye.

The febrile atmosphere in Cinderly ignites as the mayoral candidate anti-establishment, local girl-done-good politician Caroline McCoy goes head to head for the high-stakes electoral ward, with woolly liberal Mayor Karim Hassan.

In their midst is the master puppeteer, mercenary Far Right fanatic Ralph Beckett forcing Viv and the team to fight toe to toe as he wages his war on both the cops and culturally-vulnerable targets – with devastating consequences.

The filming continues in Manchester until March next year.


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