While most movie fans will remember 2020 as the year without blockbusters, 2021 has come through with many new releases that you’re going to love. With notable films coming out throughout the year, there’s a lot to catch up on. These include major films and other smaller titles that slid under the radar. Major stars like Tom Hanks, Will Smith, and Denzel Washington came out with incredible movies this year, but you may not have heard of them.

Don’t Tell a Soul

While this movie was initially expected in 2020, it didn’t release until January 2021. It follows two thieving teenage brothers trying to help their sick mom through stealing. Unfortunately, they happen upon an encounter with a troubled security guard stuck at the bottom of a well. Expected to become a cult classic, this movie pushes the boundaries of psychological thriller – keeping viewers guessing until the very end of the film.

Shiva Baby

A chaotic series of unexpected guests and shenanigans seem to unfold at a post-funeral service rite of Jewish service. Danielle, a college student, is on her way to meet family and friends at the service after meeting with her sugar daddy. As it would happen, Danielle faces a series of uncomfortable questions (personal and professional) that leave her frustrated. When she runs into her ex and the very sugar daddy in question, it seems the event becomes far more complicated than she ever imagines. This anxiety-driven comedy is the perfect movie for those wanting to laugh and celebrate the embarrassing moments in life.

French Exit

With a play on the movie title, this film follows a broke 60-year-old socialite, Francis Price. Her plan was to ensure she was dead before her money ran out, but it seems luck wasn’t on her side. Her husband Frankline died 12 years ago, with her inheritance quickly spent. She resolves to live her days anonymously, accompanied by her son and cat (who may or may not hold the spirit of Franklin, her dead husband. This film is perfect for any occasion, as a dramatic comedy.

Monsters of Man

This terrifying vision brings artificial intelligence to the center of focus. It shows a harsh reality of unchecked power, robots advancing beyond human control, and corrupt CIA agents. When McDonough pairs up with a robotics company to deploy an unsanctioned military move, four prototypes should have hit a suspected drug camp in the Golden Triangle. Unfortunately, things go horribly wrong when volunteer doctors witness the terrifying slaughter of innocent village people.


This film is the perfect option for those wanting to stream movies for free. It follows Hutch Mansell, a man who has PTSD, who chooses to sit by and endure and allow a break-in at his family residence. His family is devastated and disappointed in Hutch’s lack of action, which pushes him to a breaking point. The dark path brings out the dark secrets that have been hiding and lethal weapons. Hutch is sent into a fight with a mafia boss to ensure no one underestimates his ability again. This action thriller is a John Wick-esque story that is guaranteed to thrill even the toughest crowds.


Unfortunately for Liz, she has no memory of where she is and how she got there. Even more troubling is the fact that she’s stuck in a cryogenic chamber that’s running out of oxygen within the coffin-sized unit. As the clock begins running out of time, Liz is forced to turn fragmented memories into a functioning core memory to get out of the chamber. This fantasy sci-fi film is guaranteed to leave the viewer guessing and gasping for air.

The Little Things

Written and directed by Jon Lee Hancock, this neo-noir crime thriller is the perfect movie for those wanting to sit on the edge of their seats. The film follows detectives investigating a string of murders, finding a strange loner who may be the killer. The action keeps moving as the detectives head down a path of conquering their demons while trying to fight crime within the city. With critics voting this film as an exceptionally well-cast movie, The Little Things brings a classic appeal to a suspenseful flick.


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