Although not a necessity, gifting your man the right thing can lead to that flowing smile and love-reeking eyes – and I’m sure there’s nothing more beautiful than that face of your partner. For me, gifting in a relationship falls on the same plateau as does, communication, and listening to your partner does. I know, gifting your man doesn’t ensure a happy union between the two of you. But it certainly doesn’t hurt.

But here is the thing, if you noticed I mentioned gifting your man the ”right” thing. What do I mean by right? Well, right here means, to put thought, time, and hard work behind your gift choices.  

Confused about where to start? Well, I’ve got your back. Keep reading for some sizzling gift ideas for him!

1. Slip-On shoes

Quite trendy these days, the slip-on shoes will surely be your man’s favorite whenever he wants to step out, especially if it is casuals you are eyeing at.

They are easily washable so maintenance of the same wouldn’t bother him much either. And most importantly, they will be very useful in his day-to-day life.  

2. A record player

If your man is a music admirer, he will surely love this gift. Record players are coming back, and there is no better time than now to gift him a record player on which he will play his favorite bands, and jam along.

3. Duffle bags

Duffle bags are so much better than old-school bags. They are so handy and serve so many purposes at once. In my opinion, every man needs to have a duffle bag in his wardrobe.

4. Multi-device wireless charger

This era of remote working forces us to work online and live on our devices. This means that a wireless charger will always be handy.

Gifting him this means that he can say goodbye to cluttered wires, which will make his life so much easier, and better.

5. Mug

Of course, he already has a coffee mug, so why do you need to buy him another one? One, because a man who loves his coffee/tea will never have enough mugs in the closet.

And two, you can give him a kind of mug he doesn’t already have, something that will keep his drink warm for hours, or a personalized mug with your couple photo on it. I’m sure he’s gonna love it!

6. Smartwatch

Now is the era for smartwatches. A man who values his watches, values his time. There are so many brands in the market offering a fabulous variety of smartwatches.

A device like this will allow him to also track his heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, calories burned, and even quality of sleep. You can start exploring from Apple if your budget is high. If not, you can go for several low-budget smartwatches as well.

7. Jocks and underwear

Probably the most sizzling thing on this list. Gifting your man undies will surely be a big turn-on! And, you do not want to stick to old-school underwear. Daily Jocks offer an exquisite and spicy collection – your man (in fact you) will definitely want one of these!

8. Massage gun

If your man is a gym freak and complains about sore muscles very often – a massage gun will be the best gift for him.

9. A shaving kit

Most men follow a self-care routine and take grooming seriously. Thus, you can also plan on gifting him a shaving kit, which will of course come in handy. If he has any brand preferences, make sure you consider that.

10. Hoodie

Hoodie season is just around the corner and why would you miss it? Gifting him a hoodie means that you can steal it from him, whenever you want.

The thing with hoodies is that whenever he wears them, he will remember you. Brownie points for when he wears it without the pants!

Put a little thought and some love and you are halfway there on gifting him that perfect, memorable, and irreplaceable gift.



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