Planning a trip to Manchester anytime soon? Wanting to make the best of your time there, while exploring unknown territories?

Or are you simply a Mancunian local, that has been seeking a way to streamline those must-do commutes? When in Manchester, you will no doubt be seeking a reliable information source that can giveyou an up-to-date, minute-by-minute account of transport type availability.

It would also be top-prize to be able to find a source that lists alternate route offerings, great discounts offered and at what vendor, deals and specials to take up, as well as one go-to-place for entertainment means.

No need to look much further than this very article, as we’ve got a list of great apps to check out, try out and definitely download, to ensure any time spent in Manchester is fun-filled, exciting, and engaging thrughout your time spent there.

The first app

Why not check out what is perhaps one of the more efficient apps out there, the First Bus app. This particular app is highly popular and already exceeds over 100,000 downloads, so you can be sure that this app is reliable. What the First Bus app offers its users is a way to keep up-to-date with the schedule of your bus, even as far as giving a second-by-second account of where exactly the said bus is on its scheduled route.

This app is obviously super useful to tourists and locals alike, as it gives everyone an accurate account of when exactly the bus will arrive and depart from any given location, making for more efficient planning for all other activities one would need and want to achieve while in Manchester.  

The second app

This second app is worth mentioning still keeps in line with the theme of transportation, an app that may come in handy for those unforeseen circumstances where ones’ tram is unavailable for a certain amount of time. This is where this next app comes in, namely the My TFGM app. This app alleviates the conundrum of urgently needing to find an alternate option for mode of travel. Being the Travel for Greater Manchester app, this app will keep all of its users in the loop as to what the city’s planned alternate routes are in these instances of tram breakdowns.

The My TFGM app is great as well in that it is desgined to give those using the app a journey planner for various modes of transport, e.g. travel via train, car, bus, or even bike. One simply needs to input their location into the app itself, and all the valuable information will be there for the taking and using.

The third app

This next app that we’re going to suggest you check out is a wonderful app for all those football fans. One would expect to find, in any event, when it comes to putting together a ‘best of list’ that it only stands to reason that the Manchester City team be counted on that list – somehow, some way. So, without further ado, calling all Manchester City fans, the Manchester City app is here for you. Being by far one of the better than best app for one to enjoy when traipsing Manchester, looking for some fun activity to get into (or even if just a good old-fashioned Man City fan…).

Not only is this top-notch app complete with match fixture details, previous match reports, match highlights, Man City news and so much more, but this app is also compatible with iOS and Android devices, making it fully accessible to just about every football fan.

We’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for a Manchester United App, as we’re sure fans are wanting to keep just as up-to-date with their teams’ news and activities too.

The fourth app

We’d be remiss if we did not include a gaming app of sorts, one to get those gameplaying juices flowing. As one gets in the mood for some great entertainment during your weekend away in Manchester, get ready for some ample entertainment, through and through – as you’ll surely be wanting only to check out the best of the best. When on the hunt for a great gaming app to use, one need not look much farther than the fantastic mobile app from mFortune Casino.

The look and feel of this easy-to-use mFortune Casino app is quirky and engaging, offering users a level of graphics and responsiveness that is on par with only the top-quality gaming apps around. From start to finish, your time in Manchester is bound to be great entertainment indeed, especially when one can access this gaming app right from the mobile gaming device held in your pocket.

The fifth app

Closing our app-talk off with a fifth (and final for now) top-notch app to check out (when up in Manchester) is the quirky and unique app that is simply called: That Manchester App.

What That Manchester App excels at is offering its users a way to experience Manchester in all its lively, fun-filled, glittery-nitty-gritty city glory. This super app will also direct its users directly to the next vendor that has great specials, deals and promotions on offer, or even alert its users to Happy Hours, and other promotional advertisements that may pique their interest.

Exploring Manchester, as a tourist or even as a local, is made all the more possible when taking that journey directly in hand, and scouring those great apps to bring you in touch with what you’ll need to complete your Mancunian journey favourably.


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