Manchester has been crowned Number One in a Freelance City Index

People per hour took a look into which UK cities are the most freelancer friendly, they have done this by creating a metric that has provided a definitive index ranking of the top 15 cities. Manchester made the top spot ahead of nearest rival, Glasgow, but some of the UK’s capital cities didn’t fair quite so well with London taking  6th place and Edinburgh placing 12th.

Thanks to its mobile network coverage, ‘smart city status’, commuting facilities, co-working spaces and entertainment, Manchester has been ranked number one in a new index released by PeoplePerHour (PPH), detailing the most freelance-friendly cities in the UK.

Using a variety of business, tech and lifestyle data – including commuter links, co-working spaces, entertainment, pollution, Wifi speed and 4G mobile coverage – to rank each city for its potential appeal to freelancers, the UK’s leading freelance marketplace, PPH, created a metric to provide a definitive index ranking the top 15 British cities.

Excelling in all areas, other than commuter links, for which it ranked in fifteenth position, Manchester made the top spot ahead of nearest rival, Glasgow.

Xenios Thrasyvoulou, founder and CEO of PeoplePerHour, comments: ‘It’s great to see Manchester gaining the top spot in our index. The really interesting thing about this research for me is the link between the cities to make the top five.

‘Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham , Liverpool and Bristol all have a significant industrial heritage, whether through manufacturing, or as sea ports, and these are the sectors that most suffered in the financial crisis. Rather than accepting and wallowing in the slump, it seems that these forward-looking cities have taken a creative approach and embraced the potential of the growing freelance movement.

‘Almost one in three British people now work in a self-employed capacity to some extent and they have the potential to make a serious contribution to the local economy. All of the 15 cities to make our index should be proud of themselves for recognising that.’



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