Stress is something that many people experience, regardless of their personal circumstances. When people are put under constant pressure, it starts to have an impact on their psychological and physical wellbeing, putting your mind and body on a constant state of high alert.

In the short term, feelings of stress are not overly harmful, and can actually have some benefits: for example, increased focus or agility.

However, experiencing prolonged stress can have a huge impact on your health, meaning it is very important to find ways to deal with stress as quickly and easily as possible. So, here are four simple tips for dealing with stress and anxiety, which should be simple to utilise within your daily life.

Go outside

Being out in nature is a great way to clear your mind and improve your emotional wellbeing, as well as having physical health benefits; getting fresh air, being out in the sun, or spending time near natural bodies of water all have benefits to your physical health, such as boosting your vitamin and mineral levels. Nowadays its easy enough to find great walking or picnic locations in your local area, so just making the time every few weeks to get out in nature could really make a difference to your overall stress levels.  

Tackle problems headon

The more that you put off dealing with the causes of your stress and anxiety, the worse the effect on your mental health will be. An easy way to start being proactive is to begin writing things down straightaway. Once you have everything written down, you can then prioritise each issue, and make a comprehensive plan for dealing with each individual item; for instance, if one of the top causes of your stress is because of being in debt, then you might make a plan to look into IVA or seek out other monetary advice. Once you have the biggest and most pressing issues under control, you can then continue making your way further down the list, bringing a little more organisation into your life.

Socialise more

Spending time with the people that you care about can be an incredibly effective source of comfort and stress relief. For one thing, being with others allows you to take your mind off of your own problems for a while, especially as people often tend to overthink issues when they are left with their own company for too long. But more than that, opening up to your loved ones about the causes of stress in your life will provide you with the opportunity to talk through your problems, either with to help find a solution or just for the moral support.

Take up a hobby

When most of your daily life is taken over by personal or business obligations, it can be hard to find time for yourself to just relax and unwind. By finding a few hours a week to focus on yourself and the things you like to do, you might find that you start to feel a lot less overwhelmed; try picking up a hobby that you enjoy, or just put aside some time each day where your only priority is your ownindividual needs and personal wellbeing.


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