Seed & Cherry, a new artisanal coffee shop based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter will host two brilliant events for coffee and music lovers this week.

On the 16th October, there will be an ‘evening with North Star Coffee Roasters: a cupping and presentation with Holly Kragiopoulos’.

Generally a professional method of assessing cup quality, cupping is also a great way to taste lots of different coffees at once to get a feel for a preferred flavour profile.

Seed and Cherry will host the free event this Wednesday from 6pm, guiding coffee lovers through this professional method of coffee tasting with their roasting partners North Star Coffee.

Led by Holly Kragiopoulos, co-owner of North Star, experienced green buyer and Q-grade taster, guests will be talked through the roaster’s process of ethical procurement where they not only get hold of some outstanding coffee but to bring the focus back to the producer at all times to increase positive impact.

The next day (17/10) there will be ‘acoustic Sessions at Seed & Cherry’, which will take place every third Thursday of the month featuring up and coming local talent between 18:00 and 20:00.

Guests can settle in this time with the smooth sounds Emily Lierre, born in Manchester but who then made her way busking around Australia with her ukelele. Expect to hear original songs and covers by her influences including Stevie Nicks, Tracy Chapman, Janis Joplin, George Micheal and David Bowie.

Also on the bill, Sleepyhead, an indie-pop duo from Manchester, England.

Seed & Cherry is the first coffee shop of its kind in Manchester, with its concept designed to showcase the depth and personality each coffee bean has to offer. Customers can explore multiple types of beans and a variety of flavour profiles to find the perfect brew for them.

Customers can enjoy Seed & Cherry’s five different type beans on offer whilst relaxing into the evening during these special events.

The speciality grade beans have been flown from destinations including Colombia, Rwanda, Brazil and Kenya, and ethically grown and processed with part of the proceeds going to support projects in local communities.


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