Wednesday 26 September is an opportunity for Mancunians to bat it out at Ping Pong Fight Club at Gorilla on Whitworth Street where they will go head to head in a unique ping pong tournament, battling it out to be crowned Ping Pong Fight Club champions of Manchester.

They’ll be able to sign up and compete in a team-based tournament and enjoy Virtual Reality Ping Pong and even go head-to-head with a ping pong robot in the ‘Pongbot’ Challenge. The event also features pop-up bars, face-painters for bruises and battle scars, street food – and all to an energetic soundtrack from the Ping Pong Fight Club DJs.

This is Ping Pong Fight Club’s first visit to Manchester, supported by Tsingtao Beer, China’s best-known beer band, Tsingtao (pronounced Ching Dow).

Entering the tournament costs £37.50 per player, or party tickets which give access to the rest of the event are just £10 each, with a free Tsingtao Beer included. Visit

Organiser and founder of Ping Pong Fight Club, Ade Leigh says: “Ping Pong Fight Club is totally inclusive, meaning everyone can be part of the action. This is a fun and energetic event, without any air of stuffiness. We’ve had great interest in sign-ups so far, there’s definitely a competitive spirit here!”

Mark Nicholson, brand manager, Tsingtao Beer says: “We’re excited to be working with Ping Pong Fight Club, whether you’re a seasoned pro or have never picked up a paddle before it’s about having a go and experiencing a taste of something different.”

A genuine imported world beer, every bottle of Tsingtao is brewed in China, where table tennis has long been part of the country’s culture and the Tsingtao team will be offering a refreshing and authentic taste of China when it makes the several surprise drops into local businesses later this month.


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