The Barton Arcade Restaurant La Lunya will not be reopening when Covid restrictions are lifted.

In a statement Director Peter Kinsella said that The impact of Covid-19 has been profound on our business and we cannot survive the future with three restaurant sites.

“As soon as we partially open with space restrictions, the losses that we will collectively make will be too great to sustain across all three sites and risk bringing the whole company down.  No matter what projections we do and what actions we try, sadly we cannot find a way to make it all work.“

He added that he had been in discussions with Manchester landlord, lenders and government agencies trying to secure additional funding and support which could help, but have been unsuccessful in most of this, and there is no option that we can find that means Lunya Manchester can be viable.

Our two Liverpool sites are the profitable sites and to protect those, we have had to take the very painful decision to close Manchester to give our remaining businesses in Liverpool a chance and minimise the losses that we will build up as we partially open our Liverpool sites. We think that we can manage with two sites opening with partial covers, whenever the government allows us to, and certainly with the fantastic support our customers have shown us so far, we are as confident as you can be.

La Lunya will be via their Hanover Street operation maintaining service to customers in Manchester,selling online and delivering locally, providing a click and collect service at a venue to be determined and even putting on some of our events with partner venues.

“We think there is a way for Lunya to have a ‘virtual’ presence in Manchester, but sadly not operating as a restaurant, deli and bar in Barton Arcade.” says Peter adding that we are already in discussions with potential partners about a central venue for a click and collect service. And in the future, if we can find a smaller, and more cost-effective site we
may well be back in years to come.”


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