Sam McGowan is calling for recruits for her four week strength plan for the mind and body, with a new programme that can all be done from home as we enter Lockdown 2.0.


Whether just starting out, or simply wanting to add structure and accountability to training at home, HomeSTRONG has been designed by Sam McGowan (SamSays) to keep the nation feeling mentally & physically strong as we enter a second lockdown across the UK. 


The four week home programme is a comprehensive, bodyweight based, training programme, which focuses on building strength, growing confidence and encouraging healthy long-lasting habits. There is also the option of adding equipment, such as dumbbells or resistance bands, if the kit is available. With this new plan starting on 4th November, Sam plans to leave her community feeling healthier, happier and more confident both inside and out.


The programme is developed for her recruits to have fun, build strength and be left feeling ready to take on the world. Focusing on the basics of strength training; nailing technique and making the most of any time in lockdown.


With helpful videos for every exercise and a community facebook group to keep recruits motivated, this four-week strength program will provide  the structure and accountability needed to help every member reach their goals.
The four week programme costs £75, and willing participants can sign up here –
Once they have signed up they will receive further information via email on how to get started, and what happens next.
Are you ready for a stronger, healthier and happier you? Let’s do this.


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