A Manchester Children’s health charity  MedEquip4Kids, is encouraging those looking to lose weight as part of a 2017 New Year’s resolution to get sponsored to keep to their weight loss goals.

 Between January and March the Prestwich bases MedEquip4Kids will run “Slim4Kids”, a challenge that encourages slimmers to take on the extra motivation of set up a Justgiving page and ask friends, family and colleagues to donate to MedEquip4Kids to keep them on track. 

Slim4Kids will have it’s own Facebook Group, which, as well as encouraging Slimmers to exchange tips, recipes and stories, will give slimmers online access to support and advice from health and diet guru Hazel Walsh.

Slim4Kids will support MedEquip4Kids work providing children’s medical equipment, play facilities and support resources to local children’s wards.

Paul Cocker, Senior Fundraiser at MedEquip4Kids, said: “Slim4Kids is a great opportunity to support local children’s wards while getting that bit of extra motivation to keep to your New Year’s resolution. I am certainly guilty of over indulging over the festive period, so hope the challenge will help me get a bit healthier and back to my best early in 2017”.

Registration onto Slim4Kids cost just £1 and you can enter as an individual or part of a team via the MedEquip4Kids website. Details will be sent detailing how to set up a Justgiving page with an invitation to the special Slim4Kids Facebook page.

MedEquip4Kids and Hazel Walsh stress that Slim4Kids is not a weight loss challenge and that slimmers should set a healthy weight loss goal and consult a medical professional before changing their diet.


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