A Salford man who claimed he had Covid-19 and threatened to spit at police officers has been jailed.

31 year old Shaun Sleigh of Hilltop Court,was arrested on Friday afternoon for criminal damage at a property.

When he was arrested he assaulted a female officer and also claimed he had Covid-19 and threatened to spit at the officer and her colleagues.

Sleigh was further arrested on suspicion of assault of an emergency worker, placed in a spit guard and into police custody for questioning.

Sleigh was charged with three counts of assault of an emergency worker.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced at Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court to 36 weeks imprisonment and ordered to pay compensation.

Chief Inspector Roger Pegram, of GMP’s Salford district, said: “Sleigh’s behaviour towards these officers was absolutely disgraceful, especially considering the country’s ongoing response to Covid-19.

“My officers were just doing their job – to keep Greater Manchester safe to the best of their abilities. No public servant should ever be faced with violence, especially not when they are trying to protect communities.

“I hope this result acts as a warning that neither GMP nor the justice system will tolerate this kind of behaviour. Anyone found guilty could receive a custodial sentence.”


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