As if Tuesdays aren’t bad enough, the signs were never good from the get go today as it was overcast and from the minute I logged on at work, realised that my boss really was on one. Oh, joy unconfined!

Thankfully, I was wearing one of my best dresses so in my lacy blue battle armour with steel capped trainers, I was ready to tackle the world and kick some ass.

At least the day passed very quickly as it was incredibly full-on. It was so busy, in fact, that I worked all the way until the games night with our friends and joined straight from the office, sipping my vodka & slimline as I was logging off work from one room to the next. One of the many benefits of working from home.

Dave did a brilliant quiz for us all and, even though I was on a team of one, just about won. YAY!! I was particularly proud that I knew the names of all seven dwarfs and the flower from which saffron comes is the Crocus.

Our friends’ girls are only 10 and 8 but they absolutely love playing Mr and Mrs even though they are modern TIK TOK kids. I still remember the original TV series on the TV back in the 1970s with Derek Batey. There is definitely an inverse proportion rule going on as the girls won and we all lost. Even the kids commented that us adults were rubbish with a large pinch of #justsaying! They were the kind people who sent us the WASGIJ so we have to have started it for next Tuesday’s quiz – no pressure then! At least that puzzle is solved.

YIPEE – I got a slot at Sainsbury’s for mum and dad for later on this week after trying on many occasions. I’m super-excited and relieved I can actually do something useful to help them for the first time since lockdown.

I heard either a Labour or union man talking about the rights of workers this morning and, I don’t mean to sound so harsh but, if the businesses don’t survive, this will be awful all round for workers and bosses. I know I keep whinging one about it but we all need to do our bit and help to pay all this tax back.

I heard “Rest if you Must” on the BBC this evening – it has obviously hit a chord with the Nation but Idris’ version is soooooo much better.

My List: Only a few pages of my book; & some TV with episode 2 of Blood (I’m beginning to get what’s going on and it’s worth sticking with) and obviously the required fix of Modern Family.

My Lowlight: The weather – it made me realise today that if this goes on for months and months, lockdown in miserable weather when it is dark will be no fun whatsoever. Hopefully, things will be starting to get back to some normality very soon but I just can’t see it myself.

My Highlight: Fabulous news that a work project that has taken ages was completed today – it made me very happy.

My Anxiety Level: Medium pre-quiz and Low once the quiz night started.


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