One of our contributors Amanda, like most of the population is working from her home.We asked her to keep a diary of the lockdown and here is the first day-

Well, this is all a bit weird, isn’t it. Although I have been working from home for the last two weeks’, being put into lockdown has put a completely different look and feel to things and everything around me.

I do live by lists so decided to make a list of all the things I want to do whilst this enforced pottering phase has been thrust upon us to help my mental health along with alleviating the boredom.

My list is massive – in fact, it’s so big, I’ve decided to chop it up into more manageable chunks. It shocked me at how many unfinished things I have started and I don’t mean bottles of alcohol or boxes of chocolates as they will definitely be finished over the next few months’.

Here goes:
Finishing off knitting my green dragon that still only has 1 leg after 2 years’;
Tidy all of the cupboards that have been driving me crackers;
Sort out the big box of stuff that needs filing since I got rid of the stair basket in 2016;
Learn how to play mahjongg – oh, that’ll be the one I specifically asked for as a birthday present last year but has still not been out of the box;
Play the piano again – the tuning of which has been on another list since April 2019;
Arrange for an upgrade to SkyQ – probably unlikely now;
Write all the letters to long lost friends & family I’ve been promising in every Christmas card since I can’t remember when;
Complete my scrap book of theatre tickets & programmes that I’ve been maintaining since 1987 – I’m only 18 months’ behind;
Request all the refunds from EVERYTHING that has had to be cancelled – boo hoo;
Watch tv, lots of tv, especially Netflix;
Read the 87 books that are in the very high pile in my study;
Write some articles;
Get fit by skipping; and


How did that get created so quickly! I put my list to one side as it was stressing me out too much and felt way too much like hard work. I’m actually thinking of adding “stop writing lists” to the list.

One of the very good things about being on lockdown is that I get to spend more quality time with my husband who is also working from home. We went for a walk, our chosen daily form of exercise, in the beautiful sunshine.

I was mid-flow jibber-jabber chitchat when we saw the most glorious sight – a lady coming out of the local Co-Op with a packet of loo rolls – we were saved! It was the most excitement I’d had all week and there were still some left on the shelves next to the eggs, another “golden ticket” item.

It was incredibly difficult keeping 2 metres apart from everyone, especially in the small narrow shop. Has anyone else noticed the “C-19 Waltz” as we all negotiate the floor space trying to maintain social distancing, picking up our essential items as we glide? It’s terribly British and all a bit awkward with no eye contact what-so-ever: it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so scary.

What did I do off the list today? I actually played the piano for an hour the first time in about three years’ and also read a couple of chapters of my current book, The Power by Naomi Alderman. The book is good and I’m only a third of the way through but it’s building nicely. Other than finishing off Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, this is the only book I’ve read or been reading all year.

My lowlight: Cancelling the plumber having waited a couple of months’ to get him to come to fix the leak in the bathroom as it just wasn’t worth the risk.

My highlight: Seeing my parents on FaceTime and being told the surgeon successfully cut out all the cancer from dad’s nose. Really missing the celebratory actual group hug in person, though.

My Anxiety levels: Low (excellent and long may this continue).

Let’s see what Day 2 brings!


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