Feeling inspired and arty? Made by Mortals has announced the launch of a children’s competition, where the winner has the opportunity to be featured in an episode of the lockdown podcast, Armchair Adventures. 

The music theatre organisation, which works with people across Tameside, Bolton and Oldham, has launched a children’s art competition, based on the most recent Armchair Adventures episode called Jean’s Artistic Adventure. 

The youngster with the winning entry will work closely with professional musicians, an actor and a scriptwriter as well as a podcast engineer to create a new imaginary travel adventure. In addition to this, five runners up will have their drawings blown up in large format to be displayed in shopping centres around Greater Manchester.  

The Armchair Adventures podcast was launched in November 2020 and has so far received more than 12,000 listens. There are four interactive episodes live, and another four have been commissioned. 

The Made by Mortals team, and their over-65s theatre group Hearts & Minds, have also run more than 35 school’s workshops and episode launch parties on Zoom, for more than 2,000 in-school learners and home learners. 

The online adventures tell the story of Connie, whose parents run a travel agent in Ashton. Since lockdown hit, they were unable to book anymore holidays, so Connie and the customers (the Hearts & Minds group) came up with the idea of an ‘Armchair Adventure’ – using just your imagination. 

The podcast was designed to bring people together in music, theatre and song and to give primary-school children the chance to use their creativity and just have fun! 

“We have been overwhelmed by how popular the podcast has been in the last few months, and the feedback we’ve had from children and their teachers too has been heart-warming. With the theme of episode 4 being drawing and art, we thought it was the perfect chance to get youngsters involved and drawing a picture of their favourite travel adventure or trip out.”

(Paul Hine, director at Made by Mortals)

Full details of the art competition are available here.

The competition deadline is April 30. 

You can listen to the Armchair Adventures podcast below or on your podcast smartphone app.

Find out more about Made by Mortals.



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