Oh, this goddamn hour nonsense! Ever since I can remember, whether it is the clocks going forwards or backwards, it messes with my body clock for at least a week. Sometimes I remember the clocks have changed, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I turn up early for things on the Sunday and other times I turn up late – it’s a real lottery. The one thing we can guarantee though, is at least half the clocks in our house are on the wrong time for a couple of months’!

I thought that being locked down might help the situation but it is just as bad and confusing as ever. Yes, I am one of those people who obsesses about what time it was 24 hours’ ago and this goes on for at least three days’ – you’d have thought I’d have grown out of this by now, wouldn’t you!

In general, unless we are travelling back from somewhere, I absolutely love Sundays and this Sunday was no exception. A luxurious lie-in reading the papers with Sunday Brunch on in the background made even better as it wasn’t my turn to do tea/coffee/breakfast so didn’t have to move from my favourite place in the whole wide world – my bed.

I felt really smug reading an article in the Sunday Times about what a great lockdown to do list inside the house looks like as I concluded I have started doing all of that already. In fact, it’s not too dissimilar to my standard inside to do list. I don’t usually have time to enter competitions and I am usually of the opinion I would never win anything anyway but, having all his time on my hands, I entered the “Beauty Awards” competition hoping to win some new-fangled fancy pants hair straighteners.

I think my chances are incredibly low as I hadn’t heard of most of the products or brands so really don’t think this was aimed at the likes of me. I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist when it comes to this sort of stuff as I am convinced there is a high correlation between the winners, the products they are wanting to be at the top of the list and how people vote but you’ve got to be in it to win it, as they say.

Then there was lots and lots of pampering using all the things I found in the recently tidied cupboards that don’t usually get an airing. I was cleansed, facemasked, plucked, moisturised and hair conditioned to within an inch of my life. Bliss! I didn’t quite get round to doing my feet but, knowing that there is plenty of time over the next few weeks’, was in no hurry.

I did smile a lot as I got my own back on the ping ping ping from earlier this week as I caught up on all my social media and sent lots of different memes and jokes to people. They may have seen them already, and I wished I had done a bit more of a sense check before I sent the rude ones to my parents, but it did give me a sense of karma. I even had my first house party with a couple of my girlie friends. The connection was a bit iffy but it was so lovely to see their smily faces.

These new contact lenses are a bit troublesome although they are helping me to not touch my face or my eyes at all so a good C-19 deterrent. As soon as they get a tiny rub, they are less than useless and I cannot see. In general, I really do dread seeing “new and improved” on anything – I just wish they would leave stuff alone but I guess that is progress.

The rest of Sunday was spent just doing normal stuff so I cooked a delicious pan of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and then made a chicken pasta bake for tea. Anybody reading this would think, “What are you telling us this for, it’s so dull?” but anybody who knows me well will be asking if I have lost my mind as I very rarely cook, never mind twice in one day, especially when I don’t get to eat it and only have space food to look forward to. I’m fine, though, so don’t panic, just bored!

My List: What joy to use my cleaned makeup brushes from yesterday; Watched the Downton Abbey film on DVD (6/10); and read 2 chapters of “The Power” (it’s transformed from “OK” to “Weird” & I’m going to try to finish it this week so I can be done with it – obviously, I have to finish it as it’s the law of book reading!!)

My lowlight: Well, it was that my skipping rope needs wire cutters to adjust it (we don’t have any, FFS, and I very much doubt this would be classed as an essential item) until I was just going to bed and then discovered that this lockdown is likely to go on for six months’.

My highlight: My sister is a bit better today – phew!

My Anxiety levels: Low to flat-lining verging on bored.

Day 7 is back to work day – boo hoo – I’ve relaxed all weekend and both feel and look knackered!


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