The team at the Vermilion are providing takeaway food, to frontline medical staff at their neighbouring hospital, North Manchester General Hospital.

Today and next week, Vermilion will be preparing and delivering one of their popular meals for free, to the doctors,nurses and medic staff at North Manchester General Hospital.

Takeaway boxes being handed out include Indian Classic dishes such as Veg Makhanwala, Dal Tarka and basmati rice. They have created these meals specifically, as they are high in nutrients and good for energy boosting.

Manzur Iqbal, Managing Director of Vermilion says:

“We salute the heroes of our NHS who are making a huge contribution in this time of crisis. Our hearts go out to all the people and businesses suffering right now, it’s a challenging time for everyone, so thank you again to all those working for the NHS, please take care of yourselves and stay safe.”.


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