Popular contemporary painter, Lawrence Coulson, will appear at a Manchester gallery this weekend to unveil his latest collection, Celebration, marking 20 years of his career as an artist.

Coulson will be at Castle Fine Art on King Street on Thursday (14th November) from 6pm until 8pm, when local art fans will have the opportunity to learn about the ideas and inspiration behind his most recent collection.

Known for his eye for detail and use of light and shadow to create contrast, the artist has been capturing landscapes in the style of the Old Masters since 1999, when he was signed by leading UK fine art publisher, Washington Green. Through his work he seeks to bring forth the natural beauty and meaning of the simple things around us.

Speaking ahead of his appearance in Manchester, Lawrence Coulson said: “The idea behind my latest paintings was to encapsulate all that I have become as an artist over the last 20 years, highlighting subject matter, technique and palette.

“It is a celebration of a journey that has had high and low points, has taken me to amazing locations and introduced me to some lovely people. It is a celebration of the beautiful world around us. It is a celebration of art. It is a celebration of life.”

Jonathan Finlan, gallery manager at Castle Fine Art, Manchester, said: “We are very excited to welcome Lawrence to the gallery to reveal his new collection and celebrate his fantastic career to date.

“The detail in Lawrence’s paintings coupled with the way he plays with light and shadow is fascinating, and his use of contrast and detail really do bring his works to new heights.”


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