Jason Manford is to front a brand-new, primetime comedy gameshow for BBC One with one very simple rule: don’t come first or last.

First And Last, which is being produced by Zeppotron , is a brand new six-part series that will put contestants through a succession of ingenious rounds, all of which have one golden rule – players mustn’t come first or last in any game. If they do, they will be eliminated.

Eleven players start each show and compete across a range of downright daft, stupidly funny, play-along-at-home games that will see one of them leave with a cash prize of up to £10,000. To win, they’ll need to judge every round to perfection and hold their nerve in the nail-biting endgame.

Peter Holmes, Zeppotron Executive Producer, says: “First And Last is a beautifully simple premise around which to build all sorts of studio silliness and gameshow tension, and we’re delighted to have Jason at the heart of the show.”

Jason Manford says: “I’m so excited to be presenting this brand new show, First And Last, for BBC One. As I get older I try not to be involved in any show that I 100% wouldn’t watch myself, and this to me is classic early Saturday evening telly. It’s fun and light-hearted with great characters and silly games. I always think when the world feels a bit hard and tough, you want to be able to flick the telly on and block all of that stuff out by having a good laugh!”

Kate Phillips, Controller of Entertainment Commissioning at the BBC, says: “With one very simple rule at its heart this show is simply great and in Jason we have a great host.”


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