Champagne producers love the British, we are their biggest export market and the dry sparkling wine was invented for us, the French champagne region used to produce red wine and the move to the fizzy stuff was seen as vulgar.

Manchester’s Deansgate Hilton has embraced the brand, and About Manchester went to take a look.

While we all know the Veuve Clicquot, Moёt et Chandon and Taittinger brands, Jacquart is relatively new, creating in 1962 by growers who wanted to start their own brand, there were thirty in when they started, there are more than a eighteen hundred, across two thousand four hundred hectares, seven per cent of the Champagne region, all now all part owners of the brand.

Being a young brand means that they have no rule book, seen as a great advantage by the business and it is seen as one of the region’s most forward thinking producers says Floriane Eznack, Jacquard’s, head winemaker.

Floriane’s has been at Jacquart since 2011, her father, a wine lover, initiated her to the fascinating world of wine tasting. She turned spontaneously towards winemaking when she decided to work as a cellar hand for a winery in her natal region, before studying oenology. As a young winemaker, she earned a Masters Degree in Oenology in Reims in 2004 and her studies included a couple of harvest in some of Champagne’s finest Houses, including Moët experience and moved to the south west of France where she worked as a winemaking consultant before returning to the Winemaker on the VCP Wine Communication team until end of 2010.

Jacquart’s Brut Mosaique will be Hilton Manchester Deansgate’s house Champagne, the first time it has  been available outside London. This mosaic of crus, grape varieties, vintages aromans and flavours creates the perfect combination of freshness and balance on the palette.

As well as the classic Brut Mosaique, guests are invited to enjoy the Brut Rosé Mosaique, an aromatic twist on a classic. With a fine, fruity finish, including surprising notes of peach and apricot, these delicate salmon pink bubbles are surely the perfect way to toast an indulgent evening at Cloud 23.



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