David Beckham, the former professional football player from England who has played with Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, LA Galaxy and Paris St.Germain, holds the record for maximum appearances for any football club as an outfield player. Born on May 2, 1975, as David Robert Joseph Beckham, he also stays the most googled football star for several years, which can be mainly credited to his excellent football skills and physical appearance.

Such has been his life that movies like Bend it like the Beckhams have also been created in his name. Let’s take you through some very interesting David Beckham facts that not everyone is generally of!

He is Jewish and the most googled football player ever

It isn’t just because of the fact that his maternal relatives are all Jewish, but also because that he himself has always considered himself half-Jewish as well. Furthermore, going by the research carried out on his popularity, David Beckham is counted amongst the most regularly googled football star on the Internet.

Lucrative car promotions

An auto dealer once paid David Beckham a whopping $ 18 million just so he could take a little trip around Asia and indulge in some car promotions and ads.

Final home match and the overall winning record

David Beckham waived goodbye to football after he played his last game with St. Germaine in Paris, in May 2013. He has won games everywhere with all the clubs he played with. However, he has just one league title to his name, with all the teams he played with over the years.

Got Alex Ferguson’s boot

Alex Ferguson, the erstwhile Manchester United manager once threw a shoe in anger at David Beckham. The latter left the club (for good) after some time.

Married a Spice Girl and wore a sarong

The handsome football star dated the Spice Girl member Victoria Adams (Posh Spice) for quite some time and got married to her as well. They are a happy family now with a bunch of grown up kids! Just like how David Beckham was always experimental with his hair styles, he also once wore a sarong, considered a bold move by many in the fashion world.

New boots and running record

David Beckham used to have a habit of wearing new boots in all the games he played. Furthermore, during his Manchester United years, the footballer used to jog and run for around 8.8 miles more compared to other players in the team.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

People who have played with him and are close to him often talk about his OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). He expects everything around him to be organised in a very strict manner, in pairs preferably. The fact that he has 3 refrigerators in his home is courtesy his OCD only. One refrigerator for the drinks, the other for salad and another one for food!


Image attribution : By Brian MInkoff-London Pixels (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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