If you need to make improvements or repairs to your home, you may be able to apply for a grant with your local authority. Grants help to cover the cost of needed renovations, making it possible to afford these projects even if you’re on a tight budget.

Who can apply?

Grants are available to homeowners and private sector tenants. To get started, contact your local authority to obtain an application. Each authority may have its own set of rules, but they cannot discriminate based on disability, gender, or age. In general, most grants are given to the disabled, elderly, and those on a low income. It’s up to your local authority to decide whether or not they will approve your application.

Types of help provided

Your local authority may offer grants to help you make improvements. Accepted renovations will make your home safe to live in. You may use a grant to pay for fixing the heating system, installing a bath, adapting the home for a disabled person, or repairing a roof. Generally, these grants will not cover cosmetic changes.

Note that each authority will have rules that determine what you can or cannot do. However, these rules cannot be unreasonable. Make sure you receive a copy of these rules and go through them before accepting any type of home improvement grant.

Home improvements for renters

Grants are also available if you rent a home. However, before the local authority agrees to help you, it’s imperative that you receive written permission from your landlord. Unless your landlord has a good reason, they shouldn’t deny this request.

Some home improvements may be up to your landlord to take care of. Your local authority will let you know which, if any, repairs fall on your landlord. If you’re disabled, most accessibility updates are up to you to complete, and you may qualify for a grant. Make sure you ask your local authority what repairs your landlord should handle before you apply for any type of help.

Efficiency schemes for improving home energy

There are many schemes available if you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Contact your local authority to find out which schemes are available in your area. You may be able to qualify for a loan or grant to improve insulation or upgrade appliances. Improving energy efficiency will help to save you money in the long run.

Home improvement agencies

You can also turn to different not-for-profit organizations for help. Many home improvement agencies assist homeowners who need to do repairs in their home. These agencies mainly provide assistance to the disabled, elderly, or those on a fixed income. The goal of these agencies is to improve the safety of your home.

A home improvement agency may help you get funding for your repairs. You can use this money to hire a tradesperson to complete work around your home. They can also help you adapt your home with small aids so that you can move around independently. Additionally, if safety is a concern, they may install security measures, such as better locks, doors, and windows.


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