Often, people are under the assumption that their passions aren’t something that they can make money from.

However, no matter what your passion is, if you think outside of the box, you can likely make money from it. If you happen to be one of many sports lovers out there, you should know that there are numerous career paths that you could decide to take outside of becoming a professional athlete.

If you need a few ideas for how to make money from your love for sports, see some suggestions below. 

Become a Columnist

Have you ever seen a sports column in one of your favouritenewspapers or magazines? If you’re relatively good at writing and have an interesting opinion on sports matters, then think about becoming one. Here are a few steps that you can take to become a columnist if it sounds like a career path that you’d be interested in pursuing. 

Work as a Reporter: One way that you can become a columnist would be to try becoming a reporter. If you want to become a reporter, you could get an undergraduate degree in journalism and make sure it’s accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists if you want to work for a UK-based organization. You can then go on to apply for a job at a newspaper, broadcaster, or current affairs news. 

Pitch to Your Local Newspaper: Another idea that you should try if you want to become a columnist is pitching to your local newspaper. Assess the newspaper, who their audience is as well as the tone of the newspaper and pitch an idea based on that. Make sure the column you pitch is different from all of the columns they already have before sending it. 

Become a Personal Trainer 

TFor those who not only enjoy watching and discussing sports but also have an interest in fitness, think about becoming a personal trainer. This can be a rewarding career as you get to help people reach their fitness goals and could choose to focus on athletes if that’s your preference. It’s advisable that you take a look at OriGym’s guide to earning as a personal trainer so you have an in-depth understanding of what steps to take and how exactly you can earn money. It can prove to be a lucrative career as well as one that keeps you healthy too. 

Start a Blog 

Similar to becoming a columnist, you may also want to start a blog. This is a more entrepreneurial venture as you’d have control over your content and have better chances of making a reasonable amount of money. If you want to start a sports-related blog, here are a few tips to try. 

Pick a NicheFor starters, before starting a blog, you should choose a niche which will be the focus of your blog. Look at what’s already out there and decide where you could make a mark. It’s also important that you do research to make sure that there’s an audience for your subject-matter and it’s one that could generate revenue through ads and affiliate marketing.

Create Content: The next step to take would be creating content. Seeing as the internet is so full of content, you need to make sure you aren’t sharing information that has been created a thousand times over. Focus on adding value and sharing things from a different angle. 

Devise a Marketing Plan: Once you’ve got a niche and content plan developed, you need to devise a marketing plan. Without marketing, it would be near impossible for people to see your content. This plan should consist of the platforms you’ll be sharing your content on, how regularly you’ll share it and how you’ll share it.

Create a Podcast 

Another practical way to make money from your love for sports would be by starting a podcast. This could be a great idea as podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and they’re a timeless way of sharing information. As with starting a blog or a column, think about what topic you want to cover and find interesting ways of going about it. 

In order to start a podcast, you’re going to need to rent a recording studio or buy your own equipment. However, if your phone or tablet is efficient enough, you could use them as long as the end result is an audio file that can be uploaded on your chosen platform. You’d also need to think about the best way to market your podcasts and get the word out. 

Your love for sports doesn’t have to be something you only indulge in during your free time. If you want to spend your days doing something that doesn’t feel like work, then consider the above options as possible career paths to take in the near future.


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