If you are looking for the ultimate personalised gift this Valentine’s Day, Shaquille-Aaron and Toblerone are here to help.

Simply head to the Toblerone website and follow a series of easy steps to create a bespoke poem for your Valentine, celebrating what makes them special.

Choose from budding love, true love, friendship, close kin, or parental figure, and answer a series of questions from what you admire about them, to what makes them unique. What’s more, there is something for every chocolate lover this Valentine’s Day with five flavours to choose from,  including Milk, White, Dark, Crunchy Almond, and Fruit & Nut.

Completely customisable and available for £17 including delivery, your generosity will be brought to life on a loved-themed Toblerone sleeve, complete with your unexpecting beloved or bestie’s name on the outer box and a QR code, linking through to an animated poem you have created.

An up-and-coming visionary with a streak of ingenious, Shaquille-Aaron Keith is a multidisciplinary artist and a wheelhouse of talent whose work consists of painting, poetry, and fashion. He credits his mum for being the drive behind his creative output, who he has chosen as one of his Valentines this year, honouring her unapologetically loving personality.

Commenting on the partnership, Shaquille-Aaron says: “Love is the most beautiful emotion in the world and that’s why I am so excited to be partnering up with Toblerone this Valentine’s Day, to celebrate not just the feeling of love itself, but also the distinctive personalities with all of us, which Toblerone is so passionate about emphasising.

Inside everyone is something unusually unique and surprisingly special. But far too often, we hide it, too anxious to let it show. The beauty of this partnership is that it isn’t just between Toblerone and myself, it’s actually a love triangle between us and the people, coming together to celebrate one another. So this year, why not celebrate the little quirks that make up who your loved one really is, with a bespoke poem and personalised Toblerone bar just for them.”

The partnership with Toblerone and Shaquille-Aaron Keith, provides something truly unique to gift someone special this Valentine’s Day. Just head to Toblerone.co.uk to create your personalised Valentine’s Day Gift – RRP £17.


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