If you’re looking to increase your property value, this article could be for you. The housing market in Manchester is as competitive as ever, but many of these tips work wherever you are.

As you’re probably aware, building an extension is one of the best ways to increase your property value, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Whether you’re looking to get a better price when you sell your home or simply increasing the value for your own peace of mind, there are thankfully a number of ways to do it without that costly extension. Let’s take a look at them.

Convert your garage

Converting a garage can be quick and easy. You only really have to fill in one end with either bricks or wood panels. You’ll probably want a window or a door too, but it’s not major structural work and can be done in a few days. Many homes in Manchester have garages that are no longer in use.

If you’ve got a big driveway, you might not even use your garage anyway. Many people treat it is an afterthought or use it to store old items. You could find that self storage is a better option and it could save you more money in the long run when you consider how much more your home could be worth with that extra living space.

Re-partition rooms

Having more bedrooms normally increases the value of your property. However, you don’t necessarily have to build an extension to gain another bedroom. As we’ve looked at, you could have a downstairs one when you convert your garage, or you could simply re-partition some other rooms.

If you’ve got one really big bedroom that has a lot of unused space, you could simply move some internal walls and make two bedrooms. Find a way that works for you and maximizes your home value. Make sure you’ve got the right walls for this and have any work evaluated before you do it. This will only work and be affordable with light interior walls rather than anything structurally important.

Install exterior lighting

Well-placed lighting on the outside of your property could make it look better at night and improve security. Both of these will help increase value. If you’re selling your home, try and arrange some viewings in the evening to make the most of your exterior lighting.


One simple and effective way to improve your home value is to decorate. There’s a reason why the cheapest houses in your area are the ones that need a ton of work and have interiors that haven’t been improved for decades. You decorating jobs don’t need to be expensive — just keep things modern, clean and simple — and you could add more value to your home than the work costs.

If you can only afford to do a couple of rooms, make them the kitchen and bathroom. New kitchens and bathrooms add more value to your home and help it sell quicker.


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